Knowing When To Say No - Is This Too Much Photoshop?

Long gone are the days of being pro- or anti-Photoshop. Today, it's use is ubiquitous in advertising and fashion. Rather, the discussion is now centered around how much Photoshop is appropriate, and at what point is it that something becomes "over 'shop'ed". Ad agency Victors and Spoils aptly demonstrates in this video how marketeers will stop at nothing to get the perfect message across when using Photoshop. We have to know when to draw the line - is this TOO much Photoshop?

While the use of PhotoShop for models and the pressure this can put on young people is not something to be taken lightly, I hope you'll agree this light hearted video is a pretty amusing take on the "is this over PhotoShop'ed, and is this even healthy?" discussion.

Whatever you may be up to this holiday period, please have a fun, safe and enjoyable time celebrating and I wish you all the best for 2014.

Happy Holidays!

Via [Victors & Spoils]

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this is amazing

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Isn't that Barbi

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This isn't even photoshop, based on the interface. What piece of software is this?
edit: I meant the original, the santa portion was definitely PS.