Offended By Photoshoped Images? Get Ready For Retouched Video

We love to look at beautiful, flawless people in our ads, tv shows, and movies. For some reason drenching someone's face in makeup is totally acceptable but for many people, Photoshoping skin imperfections or removing fat is unrealistic, disgusting, and dangerous. Well most of these people haven't even considered video retouching.

Rousselos Aravantinos gave himself the challenge to take a few seconds of video of a middle aged woman and remove around 30 years of ageing in real time. The footage was filmed with a simple Nikon V1 and then retouched in Nuke. I personally have never heard of Nuke, as I am not in that industry, but it appears to be the VFX standard these days. 

Rousselos admits that he is actually a novice at this sort of thing so you can imagine what a pro is capable of. The bottom line is that we shouldn't consider anything we see in print or video "real" anymore. Sit back, relax, and appreciate the fact that a team of people worked to produce something that is "better" than real life. 

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Thomas Bourgery's picture

Impressive !!

There are a couple of programs/plugins for AE e.g. out there that do that: Portraiture Video, Beauty Box, ...

People who are offended by retouching need to be beaten repeatedly for being stupid. Do they really think that the master painters of old painted reality exactly as they saw it? Very unlikely.

Julia Kuzmenko McKim's picture

Thank you Lee!!!!!!!!! :)

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

The Hollywood star will love it!

Ryan Burleson's picture

Pretty impressive.

Chris Adval's picture

"appreciate the fact that a team of people worked to produce something that is "better" than real life. " Now making and working with a team is that much more important if humanly possible.

John Sammonds's picture

Why is it always a woman that gets retouched never a man.