The Photoshop Troll Brings Humor Back To Photoshop

'Nick' poses as a a team member for a group titled 'Photoshop Request'. For every request, the unsuspecting victim doesn't actually get what they intended. The Photoshop Troll does everything other than what is requested in Photoshop. The end result warrants him the appropriate name, The Photoshop Troll. 


To see more troll attempts, be sure to visit


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FAIL! If you're going to imitate something, do it better, not crappier! This is a very, very lame copy of the much funnier story on 27b/6.

PhotoshopTroll's picture

Cool story bro.

John Godwin's picture

Would you say that was better than every other photographer who ever asked a model to flick her hair?

yes i would say that and thanks for the view John. love your site. hope to be as expert as you one day.

PhotoshopTroll's picture

Follow me! (I should be posting a new one tonight or tomorrow.)

Jaron Schneider's picture

I always enjoy stuff like this. Well done dude :)

Tom Barker's picture

Seriously funny stuff :)