[Workflow] Three Pro Shooters Share Their Workflows

[Workflow] Three Pro Shooters Share Their Workflows

Having a professional photographer explain exactly how they made a photo from start to finish is something that will always interest me. Having three photographers do this is obviously even better. In this short interview series we get to peak over the shoulders of photographers Romain Laurent, Raïssa Venables and Mat Baker as they explain their individual workflows. Starting with their capture process and continuing on to their post production techniques.

Here are the three images from each photographer with a link to their interviews explaining how the photos were created.

1. Romain Laurent

2.Raïssa Venables

3.Mat Baker

Via: popphoto.com

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Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Sorry to say these really weren't revealing at all to me.

Aravind Kumar J's picture

click on those names buddy, they've got explanation for that .

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

Yes, I did click on those names. Buddy. And they weren't revealing at all. Nothing exciting.

Why is it that people are expecting greatness with every post?  Congrats Mark, you get it.  Others might not?  Or maybe you just want everyone here to know that your work is on par?  

Moving along..

Prajwol Bhattarai's picture

Good insights into the "real" world and very nicely explained. As a photoshop user, it was easy to follow..

Feral Cat's picture

I am always surprised (though I dont know why) that someone always has to say something negative about the articles. If you don't find something that is helpful, move along. This is one of the better sites on the net, and they post new articles everyday, which is incredible. Not every article is going to be particularly designed for everyone, especially with the wide range of experience, talent, and photo/video genres that grace this fine website.

Eric Filson's picture

Actually I tend to agree with Mark... these write ups weren't all that revealing. And neither Mark nor myself is saying they are bad or negative in any way. Just that they aren't that revealing. They pretty much amount to; shot some pictures, pasted them together. 

Mark Kauzlarich's picture

The hilarious thing to me is that I should just shut up if I disagree? I never said my photos were better than any of these, or any worse. Richard wants to pass judgement and be an internet crusader. And Aravind gets to patronize me as his "buddy" and act like I lack the mental capacity to click links.

The fact of the matter is, these "workflows" amounted to a few paragraphs of write-ups, and very little illustration. Nothing that you can't get while chatting with a photographer about their own work over 2 minutes and I don't think really conveyed the difficulties behind constructing the images. They didn't do them justice.

Because I commented though, I must obviously hate fstoppers. If only I could figure out how to get this darn website from popping up automatically when my browser opens.... /sarcasm

Photoopolis's picture

I have only read the first one, but found it insightful. 

Albi Kl's picture

Mark is right. The following is an example of what can truthfully be described as a revealing insight into the workflow of a photographer: