10 Creative Mobile Apps to Fill Your Time

10 Creative Mobile Apps to Fill Your Time

Stuck in the car on a boring road trip with the parents this 4th of July? Well here is a list of 10 creative apps to help pass the time. From drawing with words to finding what color the back of your dad's head really is. Check out the mostly iPhone friendly list, sorry Droid fans!


1)Tunetrace (iphone) - An app that creates custom music from a picture of your drawing.


2)VSCO Cam- One of the best new mobile photo editor and camera.


3)Step-Create stop motion videos from your mobile phone.


4)Cinemagram- An app to make fancy animated GIFs from the palm of your hand.


5)Adobe Kuler- A great tool in finding out what color something is, I have been using the web based app for a while.


6)Lume- Create light painting from your phone.


7)What The Font- An app to help find that awesome font you just saw.


8)Over- Add a little trendy text to your photos with this app.


9)Paper-All the drawing tools you need to make some art in the palm of your hand.


10)Type Drawing-Step up your brush game with some text and see what creations form.

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Is there an alternative app "over" for androids ?