Canon 650D Rates Worse Than Previous Models

Canon 650D Rates Worse Than Previous Models

While the new Canon 650D (Rebel T4i) does come with a few new features including a touchscreen display and a sensor-based hybrid AF system for improved focus, it seems that the camera itself might have fallen flat... on its sensor. A new comparison test conducted by DXO Mark puts the upgraded Canon 650D (Rebel T4i) up against its predecessors the Canon 600D (Rebel T3i) and Canon 550D (Rebel T2i). The results might just shock you.

Now, I'm a Canon shooter myself, so I was a little dismayed to see these results. Sure, the camera does have the new touchscreen display which can prove itself useful, but according to the comparison test, the Canon 650D had an overall score of '62' while the earlier models had a score of '65' and '66' respectively, so why the drop in points?

The color depth (for portraits), the dynamic range (for landscapes) and low-light ISO (for sports and events) test ratings for the Canon 650D all failed to compare to the previous models. With the Canon 650D's new APS-C hybrid sensor, to help use contrast for better focusing in video mode, you would be led to believe that this model would surpass the Canon T3i or Canon T2i.

 With this new information available to the public, do you think that Canon is losing its touch in the DSLR entry-level market? Would you still consider picking up the new model or would you be content with its predecessors? Let us know in the comments below.

Via: DXO Mark

You can view the full test comparison here: Canon EOS 650D: Strictly Status Quo

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Ihab Mokayed's picture

I have the 650D, and for me it's just awesome! And I really don't care about this 0.000001 difference!

who cares, im still a canon user

Jens Melgaard's picture

First of all, I don't bother with reviews from pages that don't provide at least a few samples and illustrations of what results the product can provide as well as touching such a narrow part of the product (color and dynamic range), PERIOD...

I would also expect that "Scores" based on a min and max would be relative to time on release, otherwise we would break the scale at some point, so I find it really hard to compare a review score from a review written today with one made years or even only months ago...

Same issue on most review sites though, so that's why samples become so important to me and scores irrelevant except for comparing to something of same age. I Prefer to use dpreview as I really lack another review site containing that many samples and where they draw out from the samples what they base there conclusions on... the-digital-picture have some samples as well, yet its far from as comprehensive...

So DxOMark can keep their graphs and go all nutty about that for all I care, to me their reviews are not worth any of my screens pixels... 
ALL THAT SAID... the 650D is "MEH" (A not really caring at all attitude sound thing) to me as well. I can't find any reasons to go for a 650D over e.g a 600D either, and thats before we look at the price... So... again... MEH!

I stick on my 550D....before jumping to full format someday.

the whole point is to make a better camera than the previous years.  It's like a 2013 model car coming out with less horsepower than the year before..who would buy it unless you're trying to go green?

K. G. Brown's picture

A non-story posted as somehow important on an entry level camera.

I have just gone through the proces of choosing a new camera for travel and have found so many examples of "going backwards!" If anyone is interested,

Well Canon rumors just reported that the Canon 1DX scored a 90 (just checked it's not posted yet), which puts it beating the Nikon D4 by a point.  Maybe the canon reps sent the DxO guys a basket of chocolates or something for some extra love.

I own both the 550D and 650D.  Together they are my go-to cameras in my videography business.

Just returning from an engagement where I shot about 1.5TB on both bodies, it's clear to me that lenses make a difference, but I can't spot the difference between them otherwise.  A long 650D shot will span multiple 4GB files with one dropped frame which is absolutely huge when filming events, whereas even with ML the 550D will stop & restart with a much more pronounced break.  I've noticed no unusual problems with low light performance up to 1600 ISO and shot quite a bit at that setting with the 650D.  I am very pleased with it.

In my opinion the only reason to think the 650D might be inferior is that there's no ML build for it yet.  That is a legitimate gripe and I fairly often have to pull out the 550D over the 650D just because those ML-added features are missing.  Once there's ML for the 650D, that gap will close.  I hope that happens soon.

I wish this evaluation demonstrated better why they think the 650D is inferior.  That conclusion is not supported by my experience at all.

Gosh I used the T4i T3i 60D and T2i a lot, I have not seen that much if any IQ difference. Check out my comparison of the T4i vs. the 60D here to see what I found:

Jorge Tamez's picture

I watched your video a while back and found it very informative. I think DxOMark stats are a bunch of crap. 

I have an SX30IS (which I still love), an 1100d and 600d. I'm just starting to learn the craft but the one true-ism is that it the person behind the camera that make the photo.  I love touch screen interfaces but does it really add anything unless your using live view mode? I'll stick with my 600d until it becomes the limiting factor (if ever) instead of me.

 60D (2) for me until I get full frame. Keep the T series...

fuck dxo..i am a canon 650d user nd previously i was using 550d.nd i can say dat the new 650d permorms awsoms...i can feel the speed of the new digic 5 processor compared to 550,nd the touchscreen makes everythin very ease like my iphone!! auto focus movie shooting nd the clarity is much much better with this new devil !!u shud try it or go for very similar model 700d

nd its all on the hands of a photographer not jus the dslr !!

I am so disappointed in this Canon 650d The pictures are simple crap from this camera?, My old 400d produces better images than this rebel T4i camera bye canon ,
I do not recommend this canon T4i 650D camera .

Great insights - thanks for this article...

my first DSLR camera 550d its good for me image quilty is better and i have 55-250mm lenc its more good image i feeling good photograph ...650d is new camera but i like 550d my first dslr ,,