How to Get Epic Product Footage on a Budget

With product photography and videography, capturing the details is very important. You don't need a ton of space to capture some amazing video clips of various products; see how you can get epic clips right in your home!

Jakob Owens from The Buff Nerds shares how he gets professional video clips of various products from the comfort of his home without needing a huge setup. The products do have to be smaller than 24 inches to fit on the backgrounds he is using, but you can apply the same technique if you find a larger background. In the video, Ownes uses a white and black reflective tabletop board for the nice reflective surface, but you can use other reflective boards. Really, all you need is the black reflective surface and a clean white background behind your product to replicate the setup that's shown, unless you want to reverse the boards and have the white reflective board underneath.

While this video focuses more on capturing footage, the setup can still be applied for still shots. You just need to position the light at the angles you want.

The background comes in at a fair price, but for a budget setup, the Quasar Q-LED LED light isn't as budget friendly. If you don't already own a light that you can use for this purpose, there are several alternative choices you can pick up.

Did you find this setup and technique useful? How would you change it up?

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