How The Most Expensive Camera Body Cap Is Created

A while back we featured a story on a new camera body cap that was designed to protect your DSLR while traveling through the most extreme of circumstances. The LockCircle created a lot of controversy from our readers over both the price and also the size of the cap itself. Well we now have a reason why this body cap is so expensive and know exactly how it works with this amazingly well crafted behind the scenes video. You may scoff at the overall idea of this product but you will no doubt be impressed with the manufacturing process. I usually leave lenses on my cameras even when traveling but I can see the advantage of something like this for extreme condition photographers who shoot in sandy, snowy, or dusty environments where a loose body cap could cause serious problems during a photo session.

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I don't need it but I want one.

Needs a mammoth tusk somewhere in the design.

bwahahaha. I can't diss the mammoth tusk because I removed my strap and replace it with a fox tail. No lie.

And one isn't included in the 2011 BTS contest prize harvest? Shocking! 

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Haha seriously!  It would be hard for that company to meet the min budget we set....maybe body caps for all top 30 place winners?

You know, as comical as this post was intended to be... it might actually bring in a lot of videos if there were 30 people getting at least one of these :) The build quality really is top notch!

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just seems crazy people would make a video just for a cap.   The top prizes are so much more enticing.  

Lee, why would you need one really? 

I tend to keep a lens where these guys are keeping a block of milled aluminum, on top of which makes a good camera look like an old phone.

I seriously don't understand why even a "pro" would need one. Maybe if it was equipped with an o-ring like an L-lens, but I'd still consider it to be an unnecessary addition to ones kit.

I mean, buy a couple of lens-pens instead, with those you can keep your lenses a bit cleaner...remember those things...the ones that let light pass through them and allow you to take a photo or two...

For the photographer that already has everything...The Most Expensive Body Cap Ever Created. 

So......................................?  Still as silly as the day it was introduced. 

I don't know why people are so up in arms about the price. I bet everyone here has spent more on a night of drinking and/or partying at some point in their life and have nothing to show for it. In fact, I'd be disappointed in you if you haven't, hahah.

I just wouldn't purchase these caps. I'd rather spend it, the money, on a night out. The memories I'd be creating, would be worth much more than these things.

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you must have some memorable nights for $100 eh?  I can hardly remember this whole year!

Muhhaha... I think this is funny. This phonelike something heavy, useless 'Look-Iam-Pro-I-Can-Afford-Even-This' badge :D I'd rather change it back to the original one If I'd get one for my birthday :)

Make it for Leicas where the terribly vain have no choice but to buy it..  

Well I did spend a $130 on a yoyo :/

Nice video, just the present for a egomaniac yuppie. 

So what makes it worth $100? It's all computer lathed. Assuming they didn't buy those machines just to make these, you can crank them out all day long with no one there. If they were titanium maybe. :D

I worked in this industry before, never liked it as much after seen this video.
By the way, at what point can you truly appreciate this product, when you always have a lens on your camera ?

seems like a pointless waist of our earth's resources and anyone who buys ones money.

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hilarious. but you have to admit, beautifully crafted and shot.

That takes needless overpriced camera gadgets to a whole new level.