Paul Ripke shoots a watch campaign with a sailboat

The first time I clicked on Paul Ripke's website and saw the images on it, I knew I had found something special. Fstoppers reader Thomas send us this video and Tobi helped translate what is going on this video. It maybe a little long for some of you especially if you only understand English but it's still pretty awesome. Check out the full post to see the images and a simple translation of how Paul is shooting this watch ad.

Tobi, a reader from the fstoppers message board, gave us a simple translation of what is going on in this video:

Happens to be that I speak his language, let me recap what they are doing. They are doing advertisement shots for a watch company. In the gear section he introduces that they do the video with the 5D Mark II, and do the photo stuff on the Hasselblad, water-proof housing would be important for this shooting. The assistant in the back of the boat (in this cave there lol) is the image editor, he sits there because the boat is to bright in other rooms and he likes to work in the darkest space available for whitebalancing and stuff...

You can see a few of the images from this sailing trip at Paul's website at this location:

IWC from Paul Ripke on Vimeo.

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Nour El Refai's picture

What ana amazing Photographer, is he Paul Pipke or Paul Ripke ?
I really liked the different angles they introduced to the work, from a Helicopter, from the waves, etc
It makes me revise they way I think about angles for shooting.

Thanks for sharing

IWC, sailing, photography..what more can i want? love this vid

Thanks for the feature, let me add that they are using Profoto Acute B600 for lighting, and he mentioned a beauty dish aswell.

In the first room Paul introduces the stylist and makeup artist, that hangs clothes where they do not belong ;-) The second room contains a lot of batteries that they use for the filming, which are charing there.

They also use a "Gyro" to stabilize the camera, don't know which one he is referring too.

On the top of the boat he introduces the creative-art-director, which is fiddeling around with the Hasselblad (isn't that supposed to be the photographers job :D). The Hasselblad is equipped with a P65+ back with 61 Mpx.

61 megapixels! Oh my lord. This guy's work absolutely rocks.