PHHHOTO - A GIF Producing Photobooth

Photobooths have become a standard attraction at any big shindig and snapshots of people wearing mustaches and funny glasses on sticks have become the norm. So what is next in the evolution of photoboothing inebriated party people?

Meet PHHHOTO, a party guest that would be sure to draw a crowd. With it's animated & social sharing appeal, this looks to be a cool step into a new way of shooting and sharing party partakers. What could be better than shooting a GIF, putting it up on a cloud via iPad and share with everyone to see?

PHHHOTO is a social photobooth that makes animated GIFs of everyone at your party via an iPad. The system consists of three parts, a florescent ringlight, iPad software for capturing and sharing the PHHHOTOS and a configurable web feed for displaying PHHHOTOS in a feed which can be viewed from just about any device.

To find out more about PHHHOTO be sure to check out the website at


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Lola Tastique's picture

This is cool, it reminds me of they both have that cool stop motion effect. I bet you could make cool flip books

Archie Campbell's picture

Never seen this site before! This is something I have started doing of a similar nature.

Archie Campbell's picture

I went for a similar concept at a friends party but instead put all the shots together to create a sort of blur of the whole evening!