Photoshop Tips For Moving Car Photography

This week over on the Fstoppers Forum there has been some pretty interesting posts. One that grabbed my attention was made by user Evolize Photog who showed how he photographs luxury cars in motion. In this video Evolize shows how he photoshopped his suction cupped boom arm out of a Lamborghini Gallardo hero shot. This should be great inspiration for our behind the scenes contest we are running the rest of this year. I'm sure a lot of you are like me and have questions about mounting a boom arm, triggering the camera, and positioning the camera for the best angle. These are some of the topics you should consider when making your own BTS video in the future. Do we have any other automotive photographers here on Fstoppers?

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Wow, amazing port.  We need to hear from you!

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Shoot me an email - I know most of the big car photogs too.

This guy have some amazing rig shots, and his post-processing is just amazing:

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Can't watch it from Germany. I hate it when that happens. Please guys, use royalty free music in your videos.

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I'm an automotive photographer and I'm currently planning a video ;)

Sad that it's not visible in Germany for Music Rights issues.

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Here are a couple of great automotive photographers I would love to see BTS vids from:

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I've just done my first automative rig attempt...

Quite hard to do things in the right way....But my camera and the car both survived!
You can see the result here:

Sooooo cool! Thank you for this again guys!

Thanks for the post!

I'm doing rigs for quite a while. This is one of my first and best rig shots:

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Thanks for sharing!

Here is one of my latest rig shot:

Or visit my site website


I love it when people force me to listen to awful music in their tutorials. But that said, it is a good tutorial.

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Can you please explain what you said at 6.40 in the video. you did ctrl+a and then ?? Unfortunatly I was unable to hear what you said. It changed the mask from white to black. Thanx in advance!


I pretend to take pics of cars. Most people know me for my Lamborghini pictures. Have a look at my blog I just started :)