SanDisk One Day Only Sale at B&H

SanDisk  One Day Only Sale at B&H

B&H is running a huge SanDisk one day only sale right now! You can get a brand new SanDisc 16gb SD card for as low as $12.75. I personally just stocked up on 4 more cards and I recommend you do as well. To see all the memory card deals being offered, check out the full post below!

The sale will only last until the end of the day. If you are one of those people that sits around thinking about it, today is the time not to be. Come tomorrow, prices go back up to regular cost. So, instead of paying $33 for a 32gb SD card, you can spend only $20 today! I always like to get multiple cards at once during sales like this because they really do not happen as often as the lens or body sales do. Take advantage of this!

sd card sale bandh

For more information, visit the official B&H SanDisk Card Sale page

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Nick Kawakami's picture

Amazon pricing is similar right now! I have Prime membership, so the shipping difference is the kicker for me.

Scott Madrigal's picture

Last night I bought an Extreme Plus 32gb Card from BestBuy for 29.99... Just FYI.