Trade In Any SLR, Upgrade to Leica S

Trade In Any SLR, Upgrade to Leica S

I an effort to bring more professionals into the S system, Leica Camera has gotten aggressive with a new S-System Trade Up discount program. Launched as a component of their "100 Years of Leica Photography" centennial, Leica Camera is granting a $5000 credit towards the purchase of a new Leica S (Typ 006) digital medium format camera for customers trading in any SLR camera or medium format camera (film or digital).

Here is a video of photographer Joel Meyerowitz discussing the S system as take three in the "My Life with Leica" video series produced by the Italian Leica Akademie.

The Leica S is available for $21,950 (body only). To participate in this program, contact your local Leica dealer to learn more about the instant credit on your purchase for $5,000. The credit will only apply towards the purchase of a brand new Leica S (Typ 006) camera and will run from April to June 30, 2014. Please note that only one instant credit can be applied to each new Leica S (Typ 006) purchase. 

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Might as well be an April Fools.

Trade in your SLR and still pay 15k for this camera. Lame. No thanks.

Lame for some, but a good deal for anyone who's already planning to buy a medium format camera. This 5k credit makes Lecia very competitive to those who were looking for cameras in the 20k range.

This is just my opinion… but I can't justify spending $10-20 thousand dollars for a camera. Sure the quality is better to a pixel peeper, but most clients---and even some professionals--won't notice the difference in quality.

^Main reason why I chose a Canon 6D over the 5Dmk3 (I know these are full frame and not medium format, but again just my opinion, the slightly better quality isn't worth $10-20 thousand dollars).

Regardless of all things said, who am I to judge how people spend their money and on what they choose to spend it on? If that's what they want, then by all means go for it.

Even as an April Fools is lame :)

Hahaha. Yeah right.

If you even spend one second reading THIS blog, you don't need one.

*sigh, sadly, you're right...

I wonder what would make anyone think they're trading "up" in this deal.

Image quality? The S-lenses are superb.