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The Extreme Guide to Forecasting and Shooting the Northern Lights

Ah, the crown of the (Ant)arctic. Known in the northern hemisphere as the Aurora Borealis (northern lights), and as the Aurora Australis in the southern hemisphere, these brightly colored bands of moving and waving light are a majestic display in the night sky. Who doesn't want to take a picture of this otherworldly phenomenon? Here's exactly how to do it.

The Ultimate Guide for Color Theory for Photography: Photo Editing and Shooting Tips

Managing color in photography is one of the hardest things to master. A red berry in a green bush just jumps out at you, while brown skies don't often make for great looking images. Aside from color having a profound impact on any given scene, color has its own luminosity values as well, making it color theory something to pay close attention to before your next shoot. Professional landscape photographer and instructor Dave Morrow comes to the rescue.

Stacking: How To Reduce Noise In Photoshop For Astrophotography Like a Pro

We've established that the best method to reduce noise in your images is stacking. There's just no match to layering multiple exposures and taking either the average or the median of those. In the mean time, I've received tons of questions about how you actually do this with your own images and I came across this great tutorial video by no other than Ian Norman of The Lonely Speck.

Preview: The First Ever Wide-Angle Astrophotography Filter for Full Frame Nikon Cameras

We've briefly covered the release of this very special filter before. It blocks out the artificial light of our modern world, light pollution. STC's Astro-Multispectra Filter is designed to block out the orange and green hues from sodium and mercury street lamps. But what's really intriguing for any Nikon full-frame shooter is that this is the first and only option when you shoot wide-angle landscape shots.

Photography Couples - Part 3: The Best Advice

When you’re in a romantic relationship and both of you are landscape photographers, it’s easy to make any travels central to photography. But should you? In the final episode of this series, four couples give their best advice on juggling photography and a romance like a pro. But first, here's how these couples handle their holidays.

Photography Couples - Part 2: Changes in Business and Relationship

As in any romantic relationship, photography couples too get to know each other better over time. You gradually learn to both adapt and thrive when you manage a photography business together. In this series, I explore the benefits to shooting and running a photography business together with your better half. Last week I introduced four astounding landscape photography couples. This week, I asked them how their past prepared them for the future of photography.

Photography Couples - Part 1: Combining Romance and Photography

So how do you balance a romantic relationship with a life that revolves around photography? In this series, I explore the benefits to shooting and running a photography business together with your better half. Of course we'll tackle the common pitfalls and find out how you can shape the perfect photography holiday. Let's start by introducing the eight amazing creatives in landscape photography who will make you want to buy your romance a camera for Christmas.

5 Advanced Techniques to Show Every Detail in Your Landscape Photos

So how do you make that mountain appear as large to the viewer as it does to you? How do you get rid of noise in your nightscape images? And how can you get everything in perfect focus, front to back? This might as well be titled “5 Things you can’t do in one shot,” since each technique in this essay relies heavily on layering multiple exposures of a given landscape scene. I’ll show you the techniques I often use to translate my vision to the image. Let’s go.

National Geographic's Best 52 Photos of 2016

Tis the season. Around the time of December, photography websites worldwide recap last year with their selection of the cream of the crop. To many photographers, National Geographic is a well-respected media platform to get your work selected and exposed. And now they have made their selection curated from 91 photographers, 107 stories, and 2,290,225 photographs.

The Allure of Film Photography

Post-processing at the computer for hours on end often leaves me feeling nostalgic. Maybe there’s something tangible to film photography that I’m overlooking. After seeing a fellow landscape photographer working his 4x5 near a tree in the local dunes, his approach to our hobby had me contemplating my choice of hardware. There are so many analog-inspired pictures circling the web, that it’s obvious that I’m not the only one. Today, I want to share my thoughts on film photography with you.

Only the Best In-Camera Quality With This JPEG Shootout

As a professional photographer, you might be the go-to person for questions about the “best camera” of the moment. The camera is a tool right? Photographers are in charge of the best photo, not of the best camera. On top of that, every few months there’s a new contender, and it takes a lot of time to figure out which one has the highest resolution, the best color, the least amount of noise in low-light, or even the look and feel of a photograph… But as soon as you shoot in raw, half of that doesn’t matter anymore. Things are about to get subjective in this video. In this comparison, the guys from TheCameraStoreTV intend to find out what the best camera is for the budding photographer wanting to shoot in JPEG.

Photography Book Review of Landscape Artist Extraordinaire: Alexandre Deschaumes - Voyage Éthéré

The rain washes heavily onto the window, and I’m sitting in the candle-lit windowsill with a pint of inky black ale and a good book. That book is Alexandre Deschaumes’ forthcoming “Voyage Éthéré” (Ethereal Journey); a collection of his work over the past years. Following the release of his Blu-Ray documentary, “La Quête d'Inspiration” (The Quest for Inspiration) by Mathieu le Lay, Alexandre looks to be on the path to becoming increasingly known for his work. And with good reason.

Photographer Captures an Erupting Volcano and Gets a Perfectly Aligned Meteor as Bonus

Landscape photographers know that there’s only so much you can plan. Today I want to introduce to you a fellow Dutch landscape photographer who recently came back from the volcanically active Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. What Tomas van der Weijden captured there is truly extraordinary and he told me everything about the creation of this photo.

Astrophotography Lens Review: Samyang 12mm f/2.8 Fisheye

Good nightscape shots have to be captured under ideal conditions. Well, just a cloudless sky will get you started anyway. I’m always looking for the next best piece of gear and darkest location myself. And around the start of this month, a particular dark location got proper recognition as the Dutch second Dark Sky Park. So let’s put location and gear together in this review of the Samyang 12mm f/2.8 for full-frame cameras.

The Growing Photoshop File Size and How to Open It in Lightroom

Our images are growing fat — so fat that the software we like to work with isn't able to cope with their file sizes. But along comes Sean Bagshaw with a great tutorial on how you can save files that exceed 4 GB in Photoshop that still retain editing capabilities in Lightroom and Bridge.

The 10 Landscape Photographers You Should Follow on 500px and How to Become More Popular

Inspiration time. These guys are the cream of the crop on 500px at the moment. Note that this selection of landscape photographers doesn’t necessarily reflect my own judgment. It’s based on an average of 8 past articles on 500px ISO titled: “This Week in Popular: Top 25 Photos on 500px This Week.” Of this initial group, I have selected only landscape photographers, and here are their most recent works. Let’s go!

The Mindfulness of Social Photo Sharing

Leo Babauta, the creator of Zen Habits, touched upon a deep-rooted aspect of our daily lives in this short story. As he hiked across the Sierra Nevada and came across a scene of great beauty, he found himself wanting to share what he saw. So what is this urge to share and does it add value to our life? Are we better off without it?

ISO Review: Capture the Night Sky with the ISO-less Nikon D750

The clear night sky under a new moon is almost always the same brightness in the same location. I have blindly put my camera on ISO 6400 as a result. But after having read somewhere that Sony supposedly builds sensors that are ISO invariant, I wanted to test this claim with my own Sony-equipped Nikon D750.

What is the Weirdest Place You Have Been Kicked Out Of?

There was this thread going on on Reddit, and I just had to ask the Fstoppers community. The question had me thinking back to about ten years ago, when a group of friends and I went to "investigate" signs of paranormal activity in a derelict castle in Belgium. What is the craziest place you've been and got kicked out of for trespassing while taking (or trying to) take a photo?