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How to Record Better Audio: We Review the Saramonic MV7000

Times when the main creative outlet for photographers was taking and editing photos are long gone. For many, recording videos plays an equally important role now. But, the creation of videos is not only about the visuals. Audio is equally important. And for it, you need a good microphone, like the Saramonic MV7000.

Do This To Get Perfect Prints

Some time ago, I wrote an article about soft proofing in Lightroom and Photoshop. It's an essential step in any professional printing workflow. Today, I show the additional steps required to create perfect prints.

This Photoshop Technique Will Blow Your Mind

In a recent article, I showed you how to create mist and atmosphere in Lightroom using a clever combination of masks, contrast, and dehaze. It worked great for woodland photos yet involved some manual masking. Today, I show you an even simpler technique for adding atmosphere in Photoshop.

Awesome Lightroom Technique to Add Atmosphere

In this article, I show you an awesome Lightroom editing technique you can use to add atmosphere to your photos. If you take this method to the extreme, you can even turn a normal day into a foggy scene. It works well for woodland photos.

How to Get Your Website to the Top of Google to Increase Your Income

Over the past two years, I invested much time learning search engine optimization techniques. Making tweaks to my website and creating a content strategy, this work finally began bearing fruit three months ago. I'll now share the SEO knowledge I gathered in a little article series. In this article, I focus on how to rank on Google Search.

You Must Know This Lightroom Tool

Over the past years, Adobe has introduced many great tools to Lightroom. Some of them came through major updates, while others went nearly unnoticed. In his video, Greg Benz shares one of the lesser-known additions to Lightroom.

Avoid These Composition Mistakes

In landscape photography, good composition is as important as the right light. A photo with amazing light won't necessarily be great unless the elements within the frame are properly composed. William Patino offers tips on effective composition and what to avoid.

Perfect Power Solution for Photographers on the Road

A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Bluetti AC60 compact power station. This device was already great on its own. But, I had a critique about its capacity of only 403Wh. Today, I show how to extend the AC60 to become the perfect power solution for the road and the office.

How to Capture and Edit Epic Landscapes

In this video, landscape photographer William Patino takes us behind the scenes of capturing an epic landscape photo in New Zealand. He shares his complete process, including the photo editing in Lightroom.

Great Camera Lens Filters for Landscape Photography

I've been using filters for my photography for more than ten years, and for the last five, I have used filters made by Kase. Just recently, I switched my filter system to what I think is the perfect filter kit for landscape and architecture photography. In this article, you'll find a detailed review of it.

I Wish I Had Known This Photoshop Trick Earlier

In this video tutorial by Christian Möhrle, you'll learn a great technique for improving your wide-angle photos by enlarging distant subjects in your landscape photos.

Five Tips for Better Autumn Photos

Now is the time to head out and capture beautiful fall colors, and in this article, I give you five tips on how to do so.

Power Station for Photographers: We Review the Bluetti AC60

I have been searching for a portable power station that can meet my energy needs on the go and power my home office during power outages for some time now. And with the Bluetti AC60, I found a compact solution.

Five Tips for Better Mountain Photos

I've always been fascinated by the mountains and the sweeping views they provide to the ones putting in the work and climbing to the top. For landscape photographers like me, they provide endless photo opportunities and inspiration. In this article, I share five tips to help you make your next mountain trip a success.

How to Create Perfect Night Photos

A few months ago, I shared how to take stunning night photos. There, I touched on the technical aspects of taking and editing such images. In today's article, I expand on the topic, focusing on creating perfectly noise-free night images.

Five Places in Cornwall You Must Photograph

Cornwall is one of those places I cannot get enough of. I've visited three times over the past years and can't wait to be back. In this article, I show you five of my favorite photo locations in Cornwall.

The Perfect Frames for Your Photos

Finding the perfect print option for your images can be daunting. Figuring out which paper to use is just the first part of the task. At least equally important for a printed photo's visual appeal is the right frame choice. And in this article, I show you frames that can elevate your images.

A Gamechanger for Planning Your Night Photography

PhotoPills might be the most popular app for planning photoshoots. However, there is another feature-rich app that can do even more. In this video, Alyn Wallace shows the app Planit Pro and some of its unique features.