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Here's What the Very Last Tab in the Lightroom Develop Module Does

Lightroom is a nuanced application full of controls, sections, subcontrols, subsections, sub-sub- well, you get my point. One of the least often examined tabs is buried at the bottom of the Develop Module: the Camera Calibration tab. This video gives a helpful explanation of exactly what that tab controls.

Ten Features and Tips for Using the Liquify Tool in Photoshop

The Liquify Tool is one of the most powerful features of Photoshop, with abilities that can subtly or vastly alter the structure of features in your image (and not just those on humans). Just like any powerful tool, though, it takes a bit of finesse and know-how to get the best results, and this helpful video will give you that knowledge.

A Quick Introduction to the Healing Brush in Photoshop

If you're new to Photoshop, one of the tools you'll want to become familiar with as soon as possible is the Healing Brush. This quick and helpful tutorial will show you just why it's so useful and how you can take advantage of it in a wide range of situations, from retouching portraits to removing items in landscape shots.

Lens Rentals Did the Ultimate Protective Lens Filter Test

To filter or not to filter, that is the question. Photographers will argue until they're blue in the face about the issue of using protective filters. Luckily, Lens Rentals is here with science to tell you exactly how good a slew of options are.

Fstoppers Interviews the Photographer Who Turned Disney Princesses Into Queens

Photographer Tony Ross and Designer Nephi Garcia imagined what Disney princesses would look like as fully grown queens, and the concept resulted in this wonderful series that captures the imagination and unites daughters and mothers and mother-in-laws. Check out the final images and go behind the scenes of this Disney-themed shoot.

15 Little Things You Should Carry in Your Camera Bag

You probably don't need someone to tell you to pack your camera, lenses, and a few spare batteries (if you do, we need to talk). But there are some little accessories and non-photography items that can make your shooting life vastly easier and often save you a lot of time. Here are 15 such items to keep in your bag.

Five Mistakes Beginner Photographers Make

We were all beginners at some point, and we all made beginner mistakes too. And while it's important to experience certain errors to grow as a photographer, being aware of some others can help you grow more quickly and advance your skills. Here are five mistakes to avoid when you're first starting out.

The United States Military Can Now Shoot Down Your Drone

If you fly your drone near United States military areas, you'll want to be even more careful than before: the Pentagon has approved and disseminated a new policy that allows military bases to shoot down drones that intrude upon their airspace.

What's Better: Taking Photos With or Of Your Leica?

Portland, Ore. — A local photographer recently purchased a brand new Leica M10 and matching lens, but has said he has no plans to take pictures with it, only to take pictures of it at his local coffee shop.