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Fstoppers Photographer of the Month (July 2017): Mads Peter Iversen

The Fstoppers community is brimming with creative vision and talent. Every day, we comb through your work, looking for images to feature as the Photo of the Day or simply to admire your creativity and technical prowess. In 2017, we're featuring a new photographer every month, whose portfolio represents both stellar photographic achievement and a high level of involvement within the Fstoppers community.

How to Match the Color Grading and Exposure of Different Cameras in Your Video Work

As drones and action cameras continue to permeate, well, everything, an interesting problem has become more prominent: these cameras are fundamentally different from the DSLRs and mirrorless cameras filmmakers have been using, and creating a consistent look across all that footage takes some tweaking. This helpful video will show you just how to ensure that consistency.

Film Riot Answers a Lot of Essential Questions About Being a Filmmaker

Does your choice of editing software matter? Are style and substance mutually exclusive? Is film school necessary? Starting out in filmmaking generally predisposes one to having a veritable plethora of questions ranging from what gear to buy to borderline existential crises. This helpful video answers most of them (they can't help you with that existential crisis).

How to Turn Your Signature Into a Watermark in Photoshop

If you decide to watermark your images, making sure it's something that's both classy and not overly distracting is the best way to go. This video shows you not only how to create a watermark, but how to customize it to conveniently stamp on any image with ease.

How Diffusion Panels Affect the Light in Your Strobe Photography

Most lighting modifiers come with diffusion panels that soften and even out the light emitted. Some even come with two panels. These panels can have a strong effect on your light, and it's well worth understanding exactly what to expect when you use them or leave them off. This helpful video gives you a comparison of all three situations.

Learn How to Create Better Subject Separation With Rim Lights

Quite possibly one of the most overlooked aspects of lighting a subject is the rim light. Not only is it a great method to make your subject pop off the background, it's a quick way to give your portraits a very professional look. This helpful video will show you everything you need to know about creating proper rim lights.

How to Fix Overly Blue Waterfalls in Photoshop

If you like to shoot waterfalls, you've likely noticed that they often have a distinct blueness to them, whereas you likely desire them to be white, as they normally look to the naked eye. This quick tutorial will show you exactly how to remove the blue from waterfalls and restore them to their original shade.

Using Light to Create Drama and Dimension in Landscape Photos

Adding drama to images without humans to express it is its own art, and taking advantage of the play between light and dark is one of the best ways to do it. This great video follows a landscape photographer as he uses shifting light to accentuate his subjects and create excitement in his images.

What We Can Learn From How Kurosawa Used Movement in His Films

Akira Kurosawa's films are some of the most lauded works in history. His fluid and multilayered use of movement not only generated visual interest, but also helped to tell the story and telegraph emotion. This great video essay examines just what made his use of movement so genius.

Did Scratches and Saliva Deserve to Win $20,000 in a Portrait Competition? Yes.

An artist recently won a respected photographic portrait competition with a work that wasn't a portrait at all in the traditional sense, causing a large controversy and outcry. For the most part, however, the work is not being given fair or proper consideration it deserves, and that's a shame, because it stunts the growth of a genre.

How to Dodge and Burn Photos in Lightroom

Traditionally, more involved edits such as dodging and burning are done in Photoshop, but it's often desirable to stay in Lightroom if you can. This helpful tutorial shows you how to dodge and burn a portrait all in Lightroom.

Elinchrom and Red Bull Team Up for an Amazing Whitewater Photoshoot

Standing under a waterfall with a flash battery pack is normally something I wouldn't advise anyone to do, but in this case, the equipment was rugged enough and the results were well worth the hassle. Check out this awesome shoot that combined a kayaker, waterfall, and strobes.

Five Things to Look for When Buying a Tripod

Ok, it's not the most exciting subject, but a good tripod is worth its weight in gold, and a bad one will leave you continually shaking your fist at the sky and cursing. Here are five things you should look for when deciding to purchase a tripod.

Five Simple But Effective Drone Video Techniques

Flying a drone often enables the possibility of getting some really unique and arresting shots, but it also takes a fair amount of skill or even a second operator on a dedicated camera controller to pull them off. These five simple shots will give you similarly excellent results with minimal effort.

Five Tips to Create Better Engagement With Your Talent

We talk about gear and how to take better shots or process your images all the time, but less often do we discuss the non-camera related side of photography, engaging with the subject, though it's obviously of the utmost importance. This helpful video gives you five tips to produce better engagement with your talent.