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Zooming With Your Feet and Your Lens Aren't the Same Thing

A common saying among proponents of prime lenses when confronted with the versatility of zoom lenses is: "Zoom with your feet!" However, that does not produce the same effect. Learn about the difference between changing your crop and changing your perspective in this quick lesson.

The Sony a9 Is a Sports Camera Without Sports Lenses

Earlier today, Sony released the a9, which basically reads like a dream list of specifications. It's a clear shot across the bow of Nikon's and Canon's professional bodies, but as much as I'd like to pick one up, I won't be buying it.

Some Quick Tips for Beginners to Improve Their Photography

If you're just getting started in photography, the veritable plethora of rules, terms, and settings can be a bit overwhelming. And while it's important to build up your knowledge of all those things, this great video offers some more practical advice.

How to Get the Film Look Without Breaking the Bank

Getting the big budget look is something a lot of us want, but most of us would prefer not to spend Hollywood levels of cash to get it. This great tutorial will show you just how to get that look without breaking the bank.

10 Films That Break the Rules

Film is full of "rules," or perhaps better termed, expectations. Some of the greatest moments come, however, when directors subvert those rules intentionally. Here are 10 such instances.

Create Beautiful Portraits With a Single Light

It can be very easy to fall into the trap of thinking elegant and nuanced portraiture requires complex lighting. And while there's certainly nothing wrong with a well-designed setup, it's also important to remember that so much can be done with a single light. This great video walks you through just such a setup.

Do You Have a Place in Photography?

Sister Corita Kent's first rule for students was: "Find a place you trust, and then, try trusting it for a while." There are both practical and philosophical benefits to having a location that is your photographic home. Explore them in this video.

How to Color Correct a Moving Area in Premiere Pro

Once you master global color corrections in Premiere Pro, the logical next step is moving on to correcting specific areas of the frame. This is complicated by the fact that the camera and/or subjects are rarely still, but this great tutorial will show you both how to correct an isolated area and to track it across the frame.

Learn How to Read and Correct Color in Adobe Premiere Pro

One of the basic skills of video post-production is color correction. While Adobe Premiere Pro is full of tools to help you both read and correct the color in your work, it can be a bit overwhelming trying to tackle them all at first. This great video will walk through the basics to get you off and running.

15 Mistakes Filmmakers Should Be Aware Of

Filmmaking is a tough thing; you need to be thinking on multiple levels simultaneously, and any one mistake can derail the final product. This great video will walk you through 15 such mistakes and how to recognize and avoid them.

Random Photo Marketing Generator Will Make You Laugh

Quick! Can you tell me why a super high transmittance radially asymmetric flourite element is so important to your images? If you can't, that's probably a good thing, because I just made it up. This web app that mimics the sometimes excessively jargon-laden marketing material of photo companies will give you a good laugh.

Watch the Seasons Change From the Air in This Gorgeous Video

Call me crazy, but one nice thing about the Midwest is seeing all the seasons, even if that sometimes happens all in one week. However, filming this beautiful montage of the evolving seasons took not a week, but two years, but the result is well worth it. Take a minute to check it out.

Seven Minimalist Photography Tips

If you're looking for a fresh, clean look to your images, diving into minimalism can be a great exercise. This tutorial gives seven quick tips on how to work with such a style, which is often popular with brands and on social media.

Stop Worrying About Breaking Your Gear

Photography is a really expensive hobby and/or profession. The cost of cameras, lenses, filters, bags, etc. all add up very quickly. And while it's important to be careful to protect all that pricey and fragile equipment, it's just as important not to go so far as to miss shots because of it.

Learn the Basics of Lightroom With This Tutorial

So, you decided to kick iPhoto to the curb and step up to Lightroom, but you need a little help getting started. This great tutorial will show you the ins and outs of the application and get you up and running in no time.

How to Properly Edit B-Roll Footage for Your Video Work

If you're just starting out in video work, getting a good grip on editing b-roll can do a ton to make your output more interesting and create a stronger narrative. Here's how to cut and edit it in along with your main footage.