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'Photography Is Like Sushi' Reminds Us to Create Meaningful Work

In today's world, content is generated and consumed at a faster rate than ever. The downside to this is that such a cycle makes it difficult to take the time to create truly meaningful work. In this video, Ted Forbes expounds the idea of what it is to create work of meaning in today's culture and how to do it.

How Snapchat Filters Work

If you're one of the hundreds of millions of people who uses Snapchat every day, you've probably played with its lenses that transform your face into all sorts of humorous, interesting, and horrifying things (trust me, I face-swapped with a clock once, and I looked like a Dali disaster). Making all that magic happen takes a lot of math and computing power, however, and the process is fascinating.

The Power of Undershooting in Photography

Last week, fellow Fstoppers Writer Ty Poland wrote an article called "The Power of Overshooting." Ty is a great photographer, and he made some very valid points, but I must respectfully disagree. To me, undershooting is what advances your skills as a photographer.

Fstoppers Writers Reveal Their Biggest Mistakes in Photography

We pride ourselves on being professionals who work incessantly to constantly become better photographers here at Fstoppers. Still though, we're human, and sometimes, we make mistakes. Here are some of the most memorable mistakes Fstoppers writers have made.

Artist Recreates a Rembrandt Painting With Only Stock Photos

Ankur Patar is a photographer and digital artist based in Brisbane with a very neat and unique talent. He's able to create remarkable replicas of famous works of art using nothing but stock photos and Photoshop. Check out this amazing video of him recreating a Rembrandt work.

A Drone Piñata Is Every Bit as Funny as You'd Expect

If you're one of those people who hates drones, or you simply just enjoy watching things being destroyed, this is the video for you. Putting a piñata on a drone ends exactly as you'd expect it to, but before the inevitable destruction, it's quite a funny game of cat and mouse.

Beware the Golden Myth of Photography

As someone who has spent a life in mathematics, I see a lot of attempts to ascribe mathematical concepts to real-world ideas in an overly simplistic way. The media misinterpreting a single medical study and reporting that a glass of red wine is equivalent to an hour at the gym does not mean you should forget the treadmill and buy more Malbec. Weathermen in Kansas do not expect the flapping of butterfly wings to cause tornadoes. But in photography, there's one incessantly perpetuated myth that drives me crazy.

Western Digital Updates Wireless Portable Hard Drives and Network Attached Storage

Need to back up your work in the field without carrying a laptop? Western Digital has just announced a new update to their My Passport Wireless Pro, which allows photographers to back up files via Wi-Fi, USB, or the built-in SD reader, all without a computer. They've also introduced a new line of network attached storage devices.

Greenpeace España Put a Pianist on a Floating 'Glacier' in the Ocean for This Film

In this moving film, Italian Pianist and Composer Ludovico Einaudi performs his piece, “Elegy for the Arctic," while on a floating platform in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. The moving and haunting film and music are augmented all the more by a fortuitously timed moment that captures everything Einaudi is trying to convey.

Video Shows How High-Speed Sync Can Enhance Your Photos

For many portrait and wedding photographers, high-speed sync is a savior, but for those new to lighting, it can be a bit of a strange bird. Chicago-based Photographer Manuel Ortiz has created a great video that demonstrates why HSS is a desirable thing to have.

Learn How to Use the New Features in Photoshop

Recently, Adobe dropped a major Photoshop update, introducing an array of new features that add new capabilities and make your work more efficient and easy. Some of the new features have a bit of a learning curve, however, but here's a great tutorial to get you up and running in no time.

Learn How to Create Facial Hair in Photoshop

I'm cursed with having thin facial hair. I'll never have the lush, full beard of a lumberjack. My face must brave the brutal Cleveland winter bare and exposed to the biting cold. Luckily, Phlearn is here with a tutorial to remedy that.

FAA Releases Long-Awaited Update for Commercial Drone Operators

Today brings great news for commercial drone operators. The FAA has finalized the Part 107 rules, which bring with them relaxed requirements. Experts estimate the new rules could generate $82 billion and 100,000 jobs for the U.S. economy in the next 10 years.