Is This the Most Important Skill for a Creative?

Being a successful photographer or videographer takes the combination of a wide variety of skills, techniques, creativity, business savvy, and more, and taking all of that into consideration, it is no surprise how truly difficult it is to find success. This excellent video discusses one of the most important skills any creative needs to have to be successful, no matter the genre. 

Coming to you from Potato Jet, this great video discusses the importance of learning how to translate your creative visions into realistic, actionable setups and shoots. I think this is something that gets overlooked quite a bit, but it is a crucial skill to develop. We have all at one time or another envisioned a great image or video, only to feel the disappointment when it does not reach the potential we had seen in our imagination. A lot of the time, this simply comes down to a matter of technique. It is not enough to simply know techniques. Having them completely mastered is the key to translating abstract or unrealized ideas into actual results, and the more you practice, the better you will be at making your creative ideas a reality. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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David Love's picture

You know when the guy comes to your house and compliments you on your yard right before whipping out the product he's selling? That's when you lose all interest and feel mislead. Welcome to Youtube now. The most important thing for a filmmaker would be to actually make films, not just youtube videos about gear you use to not make films or a long video to spam a music site.

David Pavlich's picture

The best thing to be learned from this article is that 'creative' is not a noun. Just my most humble opinion, but the word 'creative' used as a noun wreaks of elitist snobbery. Somebody calls me a 'creative', I'll put 'em in a Figure 4 Leg Lock! :-) :-)

Tovi Andurrson's picture

Youtuber garbage.