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Why You Need Inspiration Outside Photography

When you're in a bit of a photographic rut, where do you look for inspiration? Do you look at other photographers? If you're stuck and wondering how to reinvigorate your creativity, perhaps the answer is to look outside photography completely.

Taking Landscape Photos Even Without Majestic Subjects

This video from Thomas Heaton really resonated with me. Living in Ohio, there are no looming mountains or grand vistas, but I still find plenty to photograph. Follow his process as he turns a drab day with average scenery into great images.

Five Tips for Traveling With Photo and Video Gear

I've got a big European photo expedition planned this summer, but I'm not worried about being in the elements 4,000 miles from home with my gear. It's the process of getting there with my equipment intact that always worries me. This great video offers some tips to ensure you not only get where you're going with everything in tow, but you also get the shots you want.

Check Out This Crazy Deal on the 5D Mark IV

This is the best price we've seen on the Canon 5D Mark IV yet, and it likely won't last long. If you're in the market for Canon's latest full-frame body, now is a really good time to pick it up.

Save Your Empty Food Box for This Great Lighting Effect

If you're into that film noir look à la "Double Indemnity" (and who isn't?), this is the tutorial for you. Using only an off-camera flash, a food box, and some tape, you can create this moody and cool lighting effect.

How to Color Correct Photos in Lightroom

Lightroom has some quick and powerful tools for color correcting your images. This great tutorial walks you through all of them, whether you prefer one-click adjustments or full manual control.

How to Deal With an Unhappy Photo or Video Client

It's going to happen. You're going to mess something up or you're going to get the impossible-to-please client. Knowing how to deal with the inevitable when it hits is key to preserving both your business and your sanity.

Remove Eye Bags in Photoshop in Just a Minute

The modern sleep-optional lifestyle means that more and more of us have permanent bags under our eyes, which in turn means being able to retouch them is a required skill. This great tutorial will show you how to do so in almost no time.

Using Color Palettes in Photography

Color is beautiful, color is powerful. The greatest photographers have complete control of the use of color in their images. This great video walks you through many examples of their work and shows off just what an important tool it is.

Check Out These Photo and Video Deals of the Week

If you're in the market for some new gear, be sure to check out these deals of the week for some great savings, including huge instant savings on the Sony a7 series along with up to $480 in trade-in credit and some absolutely crazy lighting deals!

BBC Camera Crew Caught by Volcanic Explosion

Volcanology is an imperfect and sometimes unpredictable science, as a BBC camera crew learned recently, narrowly escaping with their lives after a close call on Mount Etna.