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How to Mix Frame Rates in Video

When beginning to work with video, many new learners will struggle with choosing the correct frame rate for their projects. In this quick, but information-packed video, Gerald Undone guides us visually through what the different frame rates look like and gives suggestions on how to mix them.

Using the Loupedeck+ With Capture One Pro

Loupedeck have released a version of their software that plays (somewhat) nicely with Capture One Pro. Today we’ll take a look at what you can expect and what we think could be improved.

Using Your Camera for Something Bigger Than Yourself

There are so many ways to approach photography. We can search for artistic expression, money, Instagram fame, or any number of other things. Photographer Damari McBride believes we should all do a volunteer photo-journalistic project at least once. Let’s find out why.

Interview and Book Review: 'Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures'

In this review, we’ll look at a book that celebrates a man who needs no introduction, Steve McCurry. Bonnie McCurry has taken it upon herself to celebrate Steve’s life and work in the form of the beautifully crafted 'Steve McCurry: A Life in Pictures.'

Book Review: Henry Carroll’s ‘Photographers on Photography’

Today, we’re going to step away from multitude of camera announcements, software updates, and gorgeous new lenses that have tickled our feeds recently and take a look at a brand new book titled “Photographers on Photography: How the Masters See, Think, and Shoot.”

Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm X-T3 Vertical Grip: Do You Need One?

Fujifilm has just released its brand new flagship X-T3 mirrorless camera. With its older brother, the X-T2, the vertical grip unlocked the extra ounce of juice required to get the full performance from the camera. However, with the X-T3’s new processor, the vertical grip is no longer needed for this reason. So, what are the benefits of getting it and do you still need to spend the extra money?

Ted Forbes Reviews the Nikon Z6

Despite only having one card slot, Nikon's brand new Z6 full-frame mirrorless does have many other features and is a worthy addition to the marketplace. In this video, Ted Forbes at The Art of Photography goes through his thoughts on the Nikon Z6.

Five Changes for a Better Capture One

Capture One is regarded as one of if not the best pieces of raw-developing software available for professional photographers. Image quality resulting from Capture One processing is undoubtedly among the industry leaders, but the software itself could use some updates to make it the absolute gold-standard for raw developing and digital asset management.

Thomas Heaton Talks Tripod Purchase

As photographers, the perfect bag and the perfect tripod for all situations are a unicorn in the midst for us. There is always one flaw that keeps each one from being the exact fit for our every need. In this video, Thomas Heaton talks tripods and what's important to him.

Fujifilm X-T3 New Features Guide

The X-T3 is now Fujifilm’s most advanced APS-C camera. It features the best technology that the company has to offer in this space and contains a host of new firmware-based features to take advantage of the new hardware. Let’s take a look at some of those features here.

Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm X-T3 Camera

The X-T3 brings a host of changes and improvements over previous X-series cameras. Its new sensor and processor enable much faster performance and significant feature enhancements for both stills and video.

Photographing Hong Kong's Neon: A Contact Sheet

As photographers, we need to put our best foot forward, especially if we're hoping to get clients to hire us or even simply aim for a quick dopamine hit on Instagram. However, one of the most beneficial exercises I have done is to look at the process of getting to my own favorite images and the process others follow to get to theirs.

Bearing Witness With James Nachtwey

Powerful photojournalism and the service the press provides in raising awareness of issues is no longer held in the regard that it once was. In his 2007 TED Prize acceptance speech, James Nachtwey not only displayed some of his haunting imagery and talked about its meaning, but discussed the duty the press has. It seems more and more relevant as time passes.

An Open Letter to Fujifilm on Firmware Updates

The Fujifilm X community of photographers are a loyal bunch, sometimes to a fault. It’s understandable, though, as Fujifilm provides consistent updates, even for cameras of previous generations. But recently, this seems to have become a crutch, and the X-T3 has inspired me to write this open letter.

Choosing a Lens for Storytelling in Photography: Part II

Welcome to the second part of Choosing a Lens for Visual Storytelling in Photography. This week, we’re going to look at the way in which lenses help you to express distance and intimacy and dive deeper into the story you want to tell.

Choosing a Lens for Storytelling in Photography

We often spend time choosing a lens for its technical qualities but there’s something more important. The sharpest lens in the world isn’t going to save you if you can’t convey something to your viewer with it.

How to Make Panoramas Using Lightroom

Panoramic images are a great way to increase the output resolution of your photographs, give a more compressed and less distorted feeling to your wide-angle images, or use a narrow depth of field and a wide angle-of-view in the same frame. They can be a great tool to have in your arsenal and are well worth learning to make.

The Fujifilm X100F Is Not Yet a Mature Camera

With all the excitement in recent weeks about the release of the new Nikon mirrorless camera and its homage to the history of a great camera company, I thought I would take a moment to look back at the evolution of the Fujifilm X100 series into its current form and talk about why it still isn’t truly a mature camera.

How to Make More Powerful Photographs

One of the most difficult parts of any art is learning to express the things you feel through the medium you are working with. Today we’ll look at one way of approaching this in photography.

Laowa Launches 'Weird and Genius' 24mm f/14 2x Macro Probe Lens

Calling it the “weirdest and most genius macro lens ever,” lens manufacturer Venus Optics (Laowa) has launched a 24mm macro lens. Not only is it a macro lens, the probe design offers a very different set of possibilities compared to standard macro lenses.