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Why Can’t Photo-Editing Software Do This One Simple Thing?

Artificial intelligence is bringing incredible advances for photographers, from relighting portraits and making people smile, to cleaning up skin and swapping out skies. However, photographers everywhere would beg developers of photo-editing software to harness deep learning to create one simple tool.

Is This the Best and Worst Camera Gear of 2021?

2021 brought a huge array of excellent gear. Here’s a roundup of the best and worst releases of the year, including a decision for the best stills camera that will take a lot of people by surprise.

Is This the Best Lens That Fujifilm Has Ever Made?

In September this year, Fujifilm announced a wide range of new primes, seemingly part of an ongoing effort to update its range of glass with sharper lenses complete with better autofocus and wider apertures. Has Fujifilm produced a better lens than the 33mm f/1.4 R LM WR?

Sony a7 IV Versus Sony a7 III: Should You Upgrade?

Sony kept fans waiting a long time before finally unveiling the a7 IV, and with the release date quickly approaching, a7 III users will be weighing whether it’s worth the upgrade. And what if you're pondering your first a7 camera? Should you shell out the extra cash for the newer camera?

10 Very Affordable Gifts for Photographers

If you’re plotting a gift for the photographer in your life, check out this list of ideas. I should warn you, some of them are slightly silly, but they are all very affordable and could make for some excellent stocking fillers.

Will Sony Release These Four New Cameras in 2022?

2021 has been a busy year for flagship cameras from Nikon and Canon and while Sony made a significant impact after finally announcing the a7 IV, the company might feel that it is now behind the competition. With that in mind, what does it have in store for 2022?

Canon R3 Versus Sony a1: Which Has Better Autofocus?

Canon’s latest full frame mirrorless camera, the EOS R3, was launched only a few months ago, and we’ve had to wait patiently to find out how its autofocus system compares with that of one of its biggest rivals, the Sony a1. This video puts the pair head to head in a real-world situation.

Are Kodak’s Price Hikes Going to Ruin Film Photography?

Kodak caused a bit of a stir last month when it announced that there would be some dramatic increases in the price of its film stocks in the near future. What impact will these changes have on the photographic film industry more broadly?

5 Poses of a Wedding Couple That You Should Never Miss

Whatever your style of wedding photography, be it classic, reportage, or leaning towards fine art, here are five poses from the bride and groom that will give you a solid foundation from which to work. This short video runs you through the list and offers some tips on how to achieve them.

The Canon EOS RP Is a Bargain Right Now

If you’re pondering your first full frame camera or need a backup body that will handle all of your Canon glass, now's a good time to buy the EOS RP. With holiday deals, it’s now cheaper than ever.

Street Photography Advice That You Should Probably Ignore

Photography can be a minefield when it comes to what warrants good advice and which rules you should follow. Street photography is perhaps one area where certain strong opinions on what’s allowed and what isn’t can sometimes be ignored.

Why You Should Photograph Everything Wide Open

Landscape photography is often about achieving maximum depth of field, fantastic sharpness, and gathering as much quality into one image as possible. Or is it? This photographer shoots everything wide open and has an excellent reason for it.