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10 Tips for Shooting Beautiful, More Creative Portraits

When it comes to finding creative inspiration for shooting beautiful portraits in your own home, there are few better than photographer Irene Rudnyk. Here are ten fantastic ideas to boost your portraiture game.

6 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Street Photography

Many of us photographers would love to take more photographs on the street but this often involves fighting a fear of the reaction of those around us, not to mention the people that we’re photographing. Here are six ways to push through and get the shots that you want — and without overstepping the mark.

Is This the Weirdest 35mm Camera That Canon Has Ever Made?

For a huge Japanese corporation that’s thought to be incredibly conservative, it’s easy to forget that Canon hasn’t been afraid to try out some radical designs over the years. This one is up there with the best of them: a point-and-shoot that looks like a video camera and featuring a flash where you'd never expect it.

This NFT of an NFT Just Sold for $10 Million

The NFT craze continues to explode, as for the first time, an artist has bought an NFT of the NFT that points to his own work of digital art — for $10 million.

Why Every Filmmaker Should Own This $60 Lens

Modern lenses are closer to perfection than ever, offering incredibly sharpness and lacking in aberrations — but are they missing character as a result? By contrast, this vintage lens is something of a classic and there’s a good reason to add it to your arsenal.

How To Choose the Right Godox Modifier for Your Photography

The number of affordable lighting products available from Godox has exploded in the last few years. If you’re not sure which modifier will best suit your work, check out this in-depth video to help you make your choice.

A Beginners’ Guide to Choosing the Right Tripod for Food Photography

With a bewildering array of tripods available, it can be a challenge as a new photographer to figure out what sort of tripod will best suit your work, a choice that’s made all the more stressful when you realize just how expensive tripods can be. This in-depth guide will definitely help.

How To Find Inspiration and Trigger Ideas for Your Next Project

Many of us photographers have found the last year particularly challenging when it comes to feeling creative, finding motivation, and seeking inspiration. This excellent video is a reminder that breaking out of a rut doesn’t come about by sitting at home waiting for it to happen.

When Will Curved Sensors Transform the Camera Industry?

Curved sensors will solve some of the challenges posed by the laws of physics that manufacturers battle with when designing lenses, but when is this new technology going to bring about dramatic changes to the world of photography?

5 Reasons to Hate the New Sony a1

The Sony a1 is groundbreaking in its technological capabilities, but is it the perfect camera? Not quite. If we’re going to nitpick, there are definitely a few areas where it falls short, and there are several design decisions that are hard to explain.

Why Is the Leica M6 Such a Popular Camera?

The Leica M6 is a classic film camera that’s going to set you back well over two grand before you even attach a lens to it. What is it about this camera that makes it so desirable?

NFTs Are a Pyramid Scheme and People Are Already Losing Money

Photographers, filmmakers, and digital artists are falling over themselves to mint NFTs in a get-rich-quick scheme that will do little beyond transferring wealth from artists to tech billionaires. Why are so many people buying into the idea that something is rare because everyone says it is?