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Is Sony Close to Announcing the a7 IV?

We’re now well past three years since the a7 III was announced, and Sony has just registered a new camera body, sparking another round of excitement. Is the a7 IV finally upon us?

10 Ways You Can Make Money Online as a Photographer in 2021

If you’re trying to shift towards making a living as an online creator, one of the keys to success is having multiple revenue streams. In this useful video, photographer Evan Ranft gives you 10 great tips to help you on your way.

Is This the Weirdest 35mm Film That Polaroid Ever Made?

For the overwhelming majority of people, shooting on color film means dropping it off at a lab and waiting for it to be developed. But what if the film came with a weird box and some awful smelling chemicals so that you could develop it at home?

How To Understand Color To Create More Impactful Photographs

Whether you’re picking clothing combinations for a shoot or sitting down to edit your shots in Lightroom, understanding how colors work together and how to manipulate them can have a huge effect on the impact of your images. This insightful video gives you a detailed understand of how to use color in your photography.