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Does Tamron's Latest APS-C Lens Make More Sense Than Buying Sony?

Tamron has produced a host of excellent lenses for Sony over the last couple of years and has recently been fleshing out its offerings for APS-C. How good is Tamron’s new 11-20mm f/2.8, and should you consider it over the equivalent Sony f/4 lens?

How To Make and Sell Your First Photobook

Self-publishing your own photobook has never been easier. This helpful video gives you some insights into how to create a platform for your product, choose a printer, take preorders, and get your book on sale.

5 Great Ways To Take Your Photo Editing To the Next Level

Improving your editing doesn’t necessarily mean getting your head around the Tone Curve or finding new ways to use the Color Grading panel. Check out these five practical tips to help you be more thoughtful in your editing and discover how to create your own style.

The Canon EOS R3 Will Be 24 Megapixels According To EXIF Data

Despite confirming a ton of specs, Canon has held back revealing the resolution of its forthcoming speed beast. However, EXIF data from images shot using a prototype R3 at the Olympics show that the camera has a 24-megapixel sensor.

How to Understand Color as a Photographer

When starting out as a photographer, understanding how colors work together can be confusing, with color theory feeling daunting and sometimes a bit pointless. This short video gives you a fantastic introduction that will give you an insight into how to harmonize the colors in your photographs.