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5 Reasons Why I Don’t Use a Tripod for Landscape Photography

For almost 18 years, tripods definitely didn’t fit into my style of photography, which was lucky, because tripods are awful. In recent months, I’ve found myself shooting more and more landscapes, and I’m relieved to have found that tripods don’t necessarily fit into this type of photography either. Here’s why.

How To Create the Ultimate Vlogging Setup for Your iPhone

With the level of stabilization now featured in most smartphones, you might already have a powerful vlogging tool in your pocket. However, a few add-ons can take your device to the next level, and this rig might be the ultimate iPhone vlogging setup.

How To Prepare for Day of Wedding Photography

Finely tuned preparation is critical to successful wedding photography, particularly if you want to avoid unnecessary stress on the big day. Wedding photographer and Fuji ambassador John Branch IV runs you through how he gets ready for a couple’s big day.

How to Capture Beautiful Photographs of Snowflakes

Photographer Don Komarechka is renowned for his macro work, particularly his images of snowflakes. In this short video, he runs you through how he goes about capturing these tiny ice crystals and their always unique six-fold symmetry.

What New Camera Equipment Can We Expect to See in 2021?

2020 has been a tumultuous year for the industry with some manufacturers struggling while others seem to have all but shrugged off the pandemic and released incredible new cameras and lenses. What does 2021 have in store?