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How to Get Cinematic Footage From Your Entry Level Camera

Entry level DSLRs and smaller format cameras don’t do a great job when trying to achieve footage with a cinematic feel, but with these tips, you can add an extra touch to your filmmaking. All of the advice is either incredibly practical in terms of how you shoot, or requires a very low level of investment. If you’re new to shooting video, be sure to check out this list.

This Insane Full-Frame 50mm Lens Has an Aperture of f/0.35

We dream of huge apertures that can give us incredible subject separation and whip up the world’s creamiest bokeh. Imagine my excitement when I was invited to spend an hour playing with the world’s first f/0.35 50mm autofocus prime lens, a lens so secret that I can’t even tell you the mount, never mind who makes it. Check out the amazing images that this lens can produce.