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The Curse of a Good Relationship in Photography

Most of the time, photography relies on good relationships. They make the business run smoother and ease the shooting. In some areas of photography, smooth jobs are not the best, though.

Learn How to Start Your Photography Journey Here

Christmas is over and after slowly digesting their family dinners, thousands of enthusiasts are eager to learn how to efficiently use their freshly acquired devices. If you just got hold of a camera, you might ask yourself, where to start your journey.

Can Social Media Kill Our Aesthetic Vision?

What do good coffee and good images have in common? Our taste and the ability to understand their ingredients need to be trained. But we can also walk into the trap of feckless consumption.

Do You Honestly Make Photographs?

Each and every one of us is looking for appreciation. Showing our images to friends and family, most of us hope for a nice comment or feedback. Professionals are even dependent on their clients’ excitement and recommendation. How far do you tweak your images to reach that?

How Comparison Can Harm Your Photography and How It Can Help

Every day, we are exposed to thousands of images. Some of them are breath-taking, while others might be a little disappointing. Probably, you’ll find yourself in between. Is it even healthy to compare your work to others?

Are Your Photographs Aesthetic?

Do you want your images to look “good”? Aesthetics will help you understand the value of an image beyond its informative and representative character. Let's ask some great philosophers what they think about it.

November Is a Good Month to Fill Your Idle Time With Thought

In November, some of us have less projects to work on, and it might be smart to not just idle, but make the best of it. Thinking about photography and business is a good idea to be prepared for whatever is coming next.

Mirrorless or DSLR? Why so Furious?

It seems as if the world of photography is currently turning all around this topic: Is the time of DSLR over? On the web, people get into heated discussions about this issue. Should you join in?

Are Photographers Even Artists?

Have you ever heard the argument that photography isn’t art, because everyone can do it? That’s bull. All forms of photography need artistic thinking to some extent.