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Five Ways to Use a Softbox

Softboxes are some of the most fundamental and versatile lighting modifiers out there, and they are a great tool for anyone looking to learn how to use artificial lighting and build their skills. This educational video will show you five different ways to use softboxes and give you some helpful tips for using them.

Learn the Basics of Fill Flash

One of the most fundamental artificial lighting techniques is the use of fill flash. It is a versatile technique that can quickly and drastically improve your on-location photos. This helpful video will show you the basics of fill flash, both why and how it is used.

Allison, 2019

My first shot at this style of work. Constructive criticism welcome!
Last: December 22, 2019

Why You Should Study Your Bad Photos

When you are culling your photos and come across a bad image, you probably just delete it and move on. But perhaps you should linger on it for just a bit, as you can learn just as much (if not more) from bad images than you can from good images. This excellent video discusses why that is.

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