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How I Shot These Fun and Dynamic Portraits of a Comedian

Have you ever wondered what went into photographing a comedian? In this article, I take you behind the scenes of a recent client shoot I did using a fun aesthetic and mood to match my subjects' larger-than-life personality.

Peter Hurley Uses His Photography Skills to Give Back to the Local Community

When one of the worlds most renowned headshot photographer, Peter Hurley shows up at your high school photography class to teach you about how to take better headshots, it's definitely a class you don't want to be absent for. In this article see how Peter used his photography skills to give back and inspire a high school community.

How I Overpowered the Sun in This Outdoor Portrait Shoot

What happens when the sun is setting and you want to get a balanced exposure of the setting sun in the background and your subject? The reality is you can't without the use of a strobe and high speed sync. In this article, I’ll share with you how I was able to get a perfect exposure on my subject and the background using high-speed sync.

How I Shot These Cinematic Portraits on the Side of a Road Using Only Natural Light

When you see an incredible location in images, often our gut reaction is, that it must be Photoshopped or that you need to go to an epic location to get great shots. In this article, see how I shot these cinematic portraits on the side of a road in my area by using just one camera and one lens. No fancy lighting or Photoshop.

Did Casey Neistat Change Your Life?

Do you ever cross paths with a person in life that ends up changing your whole direction? Casey Nesitat was that person for me, and for so many creators around the world. How has Casey Neistat changed your life?

How I Simulated Natural Light in This Fashion Shoot

Have you ever wanted to create a bright, sunny image, but it was rainy and overcast outside? In this article, see how I recreated the sun when I shot this edgy fashion editorial in my small home living room.

A Behind the Scenes Look Into How Photographer R. J. Kern  Shot This Heartwarming Photo Series called "The Unchosen Ones"

In last week’s article, I introduced you to the inspiring work of Minnesota-based fine art photographer, R. J. Kern. This week, I connected with him again and was able to gain insight into what it took to create his most recent project, "The Unchosen Ones". If you were inspired by his work last week, I can assure you you'll be blown away by this one, too.

A Look at The Inspiring and Heartwarming Work of Fine Art Photographer R. J. Kern

Have you ever seen someone's work and been not only blown away by the technical ability of the photographs, but how it emotionally touches you as well? That is the epitome of the beautiful work of Minnesota-based photographer R. J. Kern. In this article, take a look at his amazing work, and I can assure you you'll walk away inspired too.

Three Things to Help You Achieve Your Dreams in 2019

Have you ever set out to achieve a dream or goal of yours and found yourself not accomplishing what you set out to do? In this quick article, see three things I do to make sure I'm staying on track to achieving my goals.

How to Light a Scene by Just Using Hard Light

When a photographer looks into their toolbox, typically hard light is one of the overlooked tools. In this video, learn how to light a scene using just a hard light source and create a unique mood in your images.