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How Photography Made Me Smile in Times of Darkness

"Laughter is the best medicine," they say. Find out how I used photography and laughter to overcome feelings of sadness in this photo series called "The Beauty of Laughter."

How to Mount a Small Canvas Backdrop on a C-Stand

Have you ever seen a small backdrop placed in the middle of an open field or exotic location and wondered how that was possible? In this quick video, learn an easy way you can mount a small canvas backdrop to a C-stand.

The Key to Always Growing as an Artist

As professional artists, at some point in our careers we will feel as if we reach a plateau in our work and are not growing. In this article learn the ways you can continue to grow and reach your greatest potential and work past that creative rut.

Behind the Scenes: 'Sing Like No One Is Watching' Photo Series

We all have our favorite songs that we sing when are going through bad times or want to pump ourselves up. In this hilarious photo series, a photographer captures his friends singing their favorite songs and imagining that the camera is not there. See which song each person was singing!

How Taking a Break From Social Media Made Me a Better Photographer

By the time you finish reading this paragraph, 500 hours of content will have been uploaded to YouTube, 65,000 posts to Instagram, and 3.3 million updates to Facebook. It is easy — and sometimes not a conscious choice — to become enveloped by this constant flow, but as artists, it is important we take intentional time to remove ourselves from the noise and continue to learn, grow, and succeed from the incredible tools the world has to offer. We just need to go out and utilize them.

Four Unique Ways to Using Your Seamless Paper Roll

Do you ever feel that you want to take your studio images to the next level but only have a few seamless paper rolls laying around? In this short video learn how you can make the most of your seamless paper and take your images to the next level.