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A  Finesse With Pixels: Framed Interviews High-End Retoucher, Pratik Naik

Polishing your photos for the world to see is an important step in a photographer's workflow. Retouching can both be a photographer's favorite step in the process or can cause a massive headache. Framed Network has interviewed Fstoppers' very own, Pratik Naik, for their web series of artistic professionals. His work has graced the pages of ELLE, Maxim, Vouge and Marie Claire upon others. Pratik was kind enough not to just give an interview with Framed, but also give the audience a small look into his daily routine of retouching.

4 Days In Depth Look With The Sony NEX-FS700

I know that I've posted other reviews about the FS700, but with this camera being a less expensive alternative to other high frame rate camera, the more reviews I see the more excited I get about it. Andrew Young from Archipelago Films was also able to get his hands on a pre-production copy of the Sony NEX-FS700 for four days.

Behind The Scenes With is South Africa's leading online retailer. Follow the brand as they unveil their new marketing spokesmen or cavespokesman or perhaps it's spokescaveman. Watch as you meet the marketing team as they prep makeup and show a bit of outtakes and product photography with the characters of the new ad campaign.

Say Cheese And Hold The Pickles: Behind The Scenes With McDonald's

Recently a customer from Toronto asked the people at McDonald's why the photos on the fast food giant's advertisements look nothing like the real thing you order in the drive-thru. The Canadian branch of McDonald's offered this behind the scenes video as their reply.

Timelapse Of The Happiest Place On Earth

Typically, when you see timelapse videos it's of beautiful metropolitan skylines, celestial light painting or visions of nature, but Youtuber, Dsnedit (Daniel Navarrete), decided what better place to do a timelapse than the quintessential childhood staple, Disneyland. It is after-all the happiest place on earth (or so Disney tells us).

Just Say NO To Vertical Videos

Portrait orientation captured on mobile devices. Your Facebook newsfeed is riddled with this horrible phenomenon. You know it's wrong, but you're not quite sure how to tell your social media buddies that they're committing a video faux pas. If you feel apprehensive bringing the subject up in fear of being ridiculed as a camera phone nazi, then look no further. The kind people over at Glove and Boots have you covered with this lighthearted PSA; but be forewarned George Lucas fans... you might want to turn away for this one.

Behind The Scenes: Capturing The Pacific Northwest With Peter Lik

Follow world-renowned landscape photographer, Peter Lik, as he captures one of the wettest places in the continental U.S., the Pacific Northwest. After having a record breaking year in rainfall Peter threw on his raincoat, slipped on his rain-boots and headed to Oregon to photograph the subsequent breathtaking scenery. Enjoy as he shows what you have to sometimes endure to get some amazing photographs.

Philip Bloom Reviews The Sony NEX FS700

The Sony NEX FS700 is probably one of the most anticipated video camera releases of the year, and with a price point of $8,000 it's not very hard to see why. Legendary Cinematographer, Philip Bloom, recently got his hands on a pre-production version of the Sony NEX FS700 for review.