Just Say NO To Vertical Videos

Portrait orientation captured on mobile devices. Your Facebook newsfeed is riddled with this horrible phenomenon. You know it's wrong, but you're not quite sure how to tell your social media buddies that they're committing a video faux pas. If you feel apprehensive bringing the subject up in fear of being ridiculed as a camera phone nazi, then look no further. The kind people over at Glove and Boots have you covered with this lighthearted PSA;  but be forewarned George Lucas fans... you might want to turn away for this one.

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Rebecca Britt is a South Texas based commercial, architectural and concert photographer. When she's not working Rebecca enjoys spending time with her two daughters, playing Diablo III, and shooting concerts (Electronic Dance Music). Rebecca also runs the largest collective of EDM (electronic dance music) photographers on social media.

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thats great!

It's funny this came up now, I'm actually working on a series of vertical footage for some multiscreen videos I'm working on.

Damn it..! If Lucas re-re-re-re-re-releases those movies again, I'll know who to blame!


I peed in my pants when Lucas came up on my screen! hahahahahahha