Qualcom SnapDragon Uses the Director's Cut as the Main Marketing Message

SnapDragon is the name of a processor made by Qualcomm. The company just released a short film titled "Lifeline" and a behind-the-scenes video where the Academy Award-winning director, Armando Bo, runs through the plot and how they used a mobile phone to create the timeline and tell the story.

The SnapDragon processors are used in the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, HP Elite, Lenovo PHAB2 Pro, HTC 10, and many other mobile devices and tablets. 

The film is shot on devices using the Snapdragon processors, with a great rendition of its 4K footage capabilities. The quality of the film is also perfect for viewing online.

What is interesting here is that, firstly, a processor manufacturing company goes through this large-scale marketing exercise which is unusual for a product that is used within the main consumer products. Secondly, it uses the features the processor provides the device throughout the story. Battery life, image quality, and connectivity are all aspects used in the film, and by the film producers.

Another interesting aspect is that the director’s cut is used as the main marketing message, and not the film itself. It might be time we as photographers step up our game and produce a video of what our idea was with the shoots we do. To show that we have the skills, but most importantly, that we are photographers because we can evoke emotion, inspire ideas, and convey a message that can tell a powerful, memorable story. I think too often photos are just browsed over without any thought. Especially on online platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook. A short video of your vision might add value to your work, and make the ideas you had clear to an untrained eye.


I’m not saying you should make a video for every shoot you do. Please no! What I am saying is that if it makes sense to do it, and your time and budget allows for it, you should. This video above is the perfect example of what the possibilities are and how brands can also play a role in making your vision reality.

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