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How To Get The Facebook Review Tab And More

*** UPDATE - Facebook has just removed the reviews tab as of November 5th *** You may have seen the reviews tab that Facebook recently came out with for business pages. Some people got it automatically, and others have spent hours trying to figure out how to get it on their pages. If you want to get the reviews tab on your business page, look no further.

Can Future Clients Find You On Facebook?

When you’re looking for a familiar brand, it’s amazing how quickly your eye can spot it! Even though there may be dozens of other things to catch your eye, you are drawn to the distinctive colors and look of the brand you’re looking for. Is your brand easily recognizable?

One of our favorite places to grab food on the go is Subway.

Easy Off-Camera Flash For Wedding Photographers

With so many options out there for off-camera flash gear, how do you know which is best for you? More importantly, how do you learn how to use it in a real life situation? Maybe my techniques and approach are just what you've been waiting for!

Do you remember the last time you were shooting at a less than ideal time of day, or maybe a less than ideal location for light? Think back to it. What did you do?

Sparkler Photos That Brides Will Love

It's a growing trend in wedding photography these days to do photos with sparklers, and yes, you can blame Pinterest. Whether it's sparkler exits, or long exposure sparkler photos, your brides will expect you to know how to do these and will very likely ask you to do them on the spot! With this system, you'll be able to nail them every time!

Photographer's Camera Gear Stolen At Wedding: What Can We Learn?

Martin Gregorian from Butterfly Photography was shooting a wedding ceremony in an outdoor park in Vancouver B.C. last weekend and became the victim of an increasingly common crime. His camera bag was stolen by a thief posing as a tourist right in the middle of the ceremony! Now, don't just brush this off as something that could never happen to you; let's learn something from this so we don't find ourselves scrambling during a wedding as well.

Could 'Copy' Dropkick Dropbox Out Of The Lead??

If you've used Dropbox, then you're probably going to love Copy! Ultimately, it's an almost identical product, but with a few features that will have you ready to switch by half way through this article. I like to think of them as Space, Interface and Sharing, even though Sharing doesn't rhyme. As far as online storage and backup goes, Copy seems to have raised the bar in many areas, and I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

5 Ways To Balance Your Married Life and Work

What does it mean to have a successful business? What does it mean to have a successful family? What does it mean to have a successful life?

Obviously, there is not one definition for success, although there may be some social norms that we base our definitions on. Maybe it's making a certain amount of money. Maybe it's staying married for a certain amount of years. Maybe it has nothing to do with either of those!

Same-Day Slideshows and How PASS Makes Them Even Better!

At first, the idea of marketing to people at a wedding seems tacky and unprofessional. After all, you're being hired by the Bride + Groom to photograph their wedding, not to try to drum up more business for yourself. That is why "intent" is so important when marketing at a wedding. You should be doing everything possible to ensure your Bride & Groom enjoy their day and feel great about themselves, and in turn, about you!

Wedding Photos Stolen! Why Backup Systems Are Important

I was driving to my studio on a Monday morning after a long wedding weekend, ready to bust through some culling and rock the socks off my clients with how fast I would turn around their images from their wedding, then I got a phone call. “Matt, there’s been a break in at the building, are you on your way?” My heart sank, my brain went into turbo mode, and my mouth got all clammy... you know that feeling before you’re about to throw up? That's exactly how I felt.