How To Get The Facebook Review Tab And More

How To Get The Facebook Review Tab And More

*** UPDATE - Facebook has just removed the reviews tab as of November 5th *** You may have seen the reviews tab that Facebook recently came out with for business pages. Some people got it automatically, and others have spent hours trying to figure out how to get it on their pages. If you want to get the reviews tab on your business page, look no further.




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Thank you for helpful post...would there be a reason why the subcategory is not coming up under category?

Same was happening with me. I saved it, logged out then logged back in and it was there. Hope this helps!

thanks..tried it but still did not come up.

You have to have your address entered in first.

im having the same problem.

To those having trouble with getting the subcatagory to show up:

I was having the same issue. I ended up adding my address, saving it, and then the subcatagory showed up. I added that, then went and deleted my address, and it stayed there. I hope that works for some of you! :)

Me to but once I entered my full address the sub category showed up.

I have reviews enabled but I can not seem to get the REVIEW BUTTON to appear next to UPDATE PAGE INFO button.

mine looks different and shows UPDATE PAGE INFO but thats it I do not have a tab that says LIKED nor do I have a tab called REVIEW with a star. I only have a section in my timeline for my fan page that says Reviews where people have already left me reviews.

I have exactly the same Shawn. I followed all the steps but no review button for me. Booo....

Shawn, where is the setting to enable the review button?

It was working but a few days ago the icon dessapear!! somebodie know what happened?

The review option is still available. Can anyone please tell me how to add the review tab?