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ASMP & Photoshelter Release Copyright Guide

The Photographer's Guide to Copyright, a robust downloadable PDF packed full of information about copyright issues was released this week from Photoshelter & ASMP. The guide gives a better understanding on how to protect still and motion images and how to safeguard your work from infringement.

In the guide you will find info on how to protect yourself, what defines fair use, registering copyrights and what to do if you have been infringed. This guide also provides in-depth

Photographing Quantum Physicists' Chalkboards

There is something really beautiful about Alejandro Guijarro's ongoing Momentum series. It is not big and bold and in your face, it's quite simple and surreal.

At first the photographs present themselves to be mundane classroom blackboards with scribbles across the surface, resembling notes left behind from a previous class. The difference is that these chalkboards house the notes to some of the biggest brains in quantum physics from around the globe.

Death Defying Photos Of Mustang Wanted

Adventurous might be a subtle way to describe Mustang Wanted, crazy seems to be a better descriptor. The daring Ukrainian can be found on his website dangling off of tall buildings with one hand, scaling bridges and parkouring through urban landscapes in search of a personal thrill.

To seem more of his daredevil stunts check out Mustang Wanted's YouTube Channel for videos of his expeditions.

Photographer Narrowly Escapes Crocodile Attack

Would you ever turn your back on a river full of roaming crocodiles while your cohorts chucked food into the water? I wouldn't either, but this photographer at the “Crocodile Bridge” over the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica, got a close look at one of the river beasts while perched in the grass.

Robert Capa said, “If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” This might be an exception to that rule.

What do you think about him pushing the boundary?

Bert Stern: Original Mad Man Trailer

Bert Stern's career started in the mailroom at Look Magazine and soon became sought after by Hollywood and Madison Avenue.

Bert Stern: Original Mad Man directed by Shannah Laumeister, follows Stern's career through the golden age of the ad world and the iconic Marilyn Monroe "The Last Sitting" series.

Stern is notably well known for his 3 day photo shoot with Marilyn Monroe for Vogue

Remove Guns & Add Thumbs

What do you get when you take Hollywood's greatest gun toting heroes and villains and Photoshop out the guns?

Hilarious positive encouragement from action stars.

To quote Thumbs & Ammo - Real tough guys don't need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude.

Enjoy the show!

Angelo Musco's Surreal Bodyscapes

To describe Angelo Musco’s conceptual vision as deep would not even begin to scratch the surface to the magnitude of his surreal bodyscapes.

To create his work, hundreds of nude bodies have been photographed and arranged to create his insanely dense bodyscapes. Upon looking further into each photograph, details emerge and reveal how meticulous each human form has been carefully put together to become one object.

Polaroid Mosaics By Maurizio Galimberti

Marurizio Galimberti is an Italian born photographer who creates abstract mosaic portraits with Polaroid film. By shooting and arranging the Polaroid's into grids, Galimberti's subjects become abstract, giving the viewer a multiple dimensional perspective of each subject.

In the video, Galimberi is seen creating Chuck Close's portrait, showing the technique used in his approach.

Behind The Scenes Of A Beer Photo Shoot

Hasselblad + Beer = Good stuff.

In this behind the scenes video, commercial photographer Rob Grimm and Phlearn, co-created a tutorial around the set of a beer photo shoot. Grimm does a great job explaining the lighting being used on set, how he works around reflections on glass with polarizers, how he creates highlights in the beer bottle and why chopsticks are necessary to make cereal malt beverages look crisp on camera.

Learning To Say NO

NO is a tough word to use when a client contacts you requesting a bid on a photo project. Learning to use the word can be a powerful tool that will help improve your photography business.

Hear me out. I know it might sound ridiculous turning down work but if it isn’t right for you, it isn’t right. You need to recognize that the project could be a drain rather than a benefit, even if a paycheck is attached.

GQ Fashion Shoot - Behind The Scenes - NSFW

Russell James is an extremely talented photographer who has shot for a long list of high end clients and famous celebrities. This behind the scenes video gives us a quick rundown of what it takes to produce and execute a high caliber photo shoot for a upper echelon glossy like GQ. Even though it moves fast, we can see from this glimpse what types of gear used during the shoot, how lights are set up and what it takes to work with talent like Erin Heatherton.

You can find more work from Russell James on his site www....

PHHHOTO - A GIF Producing Photobooth

Photobooths have become a standard attraction at any big shindig and snapshots of people wearing mustaches and funny glasses on sticks have become the norm. So what is next in the evolution of photoboothing inebriated party people?

Meet PHHHOTO, a party guest that would be sure to draw a crowd. With it's animated & social sharing appeal, this looks to be a cool step into a new way of shooting and sharing party partakers. What could be better than shooting a GIF, putting it up on a cloud via iPad and share with everyone to see?

How To Price Magazine Assignments

Photoshelter recently released Pricing Your Work: Magazine Photography, with insights from Wonderful Machine's CEO Bill Cramer. The free guide provides photographers with tips on how to handle fees and expenses, terms and conditions photographers should have in their agreements and examples of contracts used in real situations.

In this guide, Bill Cramer touches base on some of the important highlights giving

Jan Banning Photographs Civil Servants Around The World

Jan Banning's series "Bureaucracy" is a robust look into the lives of civil servants from around the globe. Banning's project took him to 8 different countries on 5 continents to photograph various individuals in their work environments. Each subject is posed behind his or her desk in their office, all shot from the same height, with the desk facing front or profile and parallel to the horizontal edges of the frame. Banning also published various info about the subject including position and salaries.

Sigma 35mm F/1.4 Review From Justin Wojtczak

Longtime reader, photographer and winner of last year's behind the scenes contest Justin Wojtczak, shares his review of the Sigma's 35mm f/1.4 lens with some footage he shot while out on-location in Los Angeles photographing a wedding.

From his video review, you can a see a range of videos and stills that were shot featuring a sampling of wedding and landscape images. Wojtczak also added the settings from each shot for the viewer to get a better understanding of the conditions he was working in.

Air Drive - Renaud Marion's Floating Cars

French photographer Renaud Marion's latest series "Air Drive" is a fun nod to the idea of flying cars with a touch of old school. A retro Jaguar, Cadillac, soft top Mercedes-Benz and even a mid 1970's Camero have been given a futuristic update right out of The Jetsons.

The cars and the photographer's imaginary vision give this series a futuristic vintage look & feel worthy of taking a peek at more of the work. Who wouldn't want to drive any one of these hovering automobiles?

Interview With Fraction Magazine

There are a few contemporary photography websites that make me immediately stop what I am doing and look through the work being featured each month. One of my personal favorites is Fraction Magazine. Each month Fraction brings a handful of emerging artists to their viewers, showcasing some really amazing contemporary photography in each issue.

Fraction Magazine is as an on-line contemporary photography magazine that features diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe.

Shooting Personal Work Is A Must

When dealing with a client’s project I will bend over backwards, even do summersaults and cartwheels if they ask. I will give 100% before, during and after the photo shoot to take their ideas or concepts and do what I can to knock it out of the park for a client. Sometimes the photographs end up in the portfolio, other times the photographs do not make the cut.

There are projects that you create for clients and there are others that you create for yourself.

The Surreal Architecture Of Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian’s surreal architecture images are a dreamlike scene that teeterings on turning into a nightmare at any moment. The dark dreamy mood and beautiful decay of crumbling elements allows the viewer to peek into a darker scene of a fictitious location. The hyper realism of the photographs was perplexing and I assumed that the images were shot and pieced together, little did I know that Kazanjian doesn't use a camera for his creations.

Pantone Food Photography

Alison Anselot took a witty approach to Pantone color swatches and food photography by blending them together to create her project Pantone Food, a series of monochromatic foods paired with a corresponding swatch color.

Allison Anselot is a freelance art director and photographer out of Belgium whose background of design and love of photography paired well with the standard color matching system and the natural colors of the food to produce this series.