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4 Things Every Family Photographer Should Know

Being a family photographer is hard. Ask anyone who does it or who has tried it. But it's also one of the most rewarding fields of photography - in my opinion at least. Family photos are a treasure in most families. They showcase who your loved ones were at the time they were taken, they show off your kids' personalities, and most importantly, they bring to life memories of loved ones that have passed. These tips I've explained within will help elevate your family photography to a new level.

How To Achieve the Film Look Using Lightroom

It seems as if the film edit is getting more popular every day. A lot of beginner photographers out there will do anything to achieve this look. The easiest way to do that is to buy presets but I want to show you how to create the look yourself. I believe once you understand how to create the look yourself you can begin to find your own style. I know too many photographers that take an image, slap a preset on it, and call it good. All the editing on these images was done in Lightroom 5.

Weekly Contest: Win a Canon Rebel T5i, 18-55mm Lens & 32GB EyeFi Mobi!

Fstoppers has partnered with the awesome folks at ViewBug to bring you sweet, sweet contests weekly! This week we want you to win a Canon Rebel T5i, 18-55mm Lens and 32GB EyeFi Mobi as well as 3 months free Eyefi Cloud membership and the opportunity to be featured in an Eyefi advertising campaign or on their website! This is easily one of the best prizes we have been able to offer, so don't miss out!

Kirsty Mitchell - Wonderland "The Fade Of Fallen Memories"

After releasing the last main scene for her story, Kirsty Mitchell's wonderland series is finally drawing to a close. She spent months creating the art work which she shows you in the behind the scenes photos and video. The series was started in 2009 as a memory to her mother that passed away and has evolved with time into something beautiful. Her images are painstakingly put together over months until the perfect time comes for her to capture the magic she has prepared.

Synaesthesia: How Jaime Ibarra Color Grades His Images to Hear With Light

With the brand new Fstoppers website, everyone can now upload a portfolio to a profile for the world to comment and rate your photos. After just a couple of days from launch Jaime Ibarra's photos exploded onto the front page, with a whole series of popular photos and with good reason. His photos are a beautiful combination of emotion, concept and color that you cant help but be stunned.