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Photography Contest - Win $100 B&H Gift Card!

Fstoppers is starting a new bi-weekly contest in our Community! Every two weeks we will announce a new contest within a specific group. We are kicking things off in the Compositing and Photo Manipulation Group.

Creating Painterly Surfer Photographs With a Slow Shutter

Recently, I've gotten into surfing. I'm quite possibly the worst surfer in the world, but through surfing, I met some great, artistic friends. I acted as the DP on a super fun all-women's surf film this summer. I had no idea how to shoot surfers, so it was a huge learning experience. Now that I know a little bit more about it (and I stress the "little bit more"), I thought I would try and shoot a personal project just for fun to test out an artsy-fartsy idea.

'Master of Camera' Tells the Story of 76-Year-Old Camera Repairman

I'm a sucker for short-form documentaries and analog photography, so when I came across Filmmaker David Drill's "Master of Camera," I had to watch. It's a very well-done story of camera repairman, Gian Luigi Carminati, who's been repairing cameras for almost sixty years.

Wes Anderson Announces New Stop Motion Film, 'Isle of Dogs'

You fall into one of two camps when it comes to Wes Anderson films. You either absolutely love his stylistic, quirky work, or you don't. And while those of you who fall into the latter of the two are entitled to your wrong (very wrong) opinion, we should all be excited about his latest film announced today, "Isle of Dogs."

Critique the Community Episode 20: Editorial and Fashion Photography with Clay Cook

For the past month, the Fstoppers team has been working with Clay Cook filming a new original tutorial on Editorial Photography. While we were filming, we used some of our time with Clay to offer feedback to a variety of images submitted by the Fstoppers community. We chose 20 images to critique. Check out our selections below and add your thoughts and ratings to the comments below. If you want to learn more about the new tutorial with Clay Cook, be sure to signup below to receive more information and an early bird discount.

Critique the Community: Submit Your Best Editorial and Fashion Images Now

Fstoppers is happy to announce the next round of Critique the Community. We invite everyone to submit your best editorial and fashion images to be critiqued by Clay Cook. Please follow the guidelines for submissions below to ensure eligibility for your image to be chosen. We will be accepting submissions through Friday night, November 18 and will be offering feedback to a total of 20 pictures.

Fstoppers Is Hiring Staff Writers

Are you a photographer or videographer who loves to write? Fstoppers is looking to hire several creative professionals to write for us. If you enjoy reading Fstoppers and think you may have something to offer, we want to hear from you!

Stunning Stop Motion Film Is Out of This World With Handmade Cosmos

Lately, I've found myself watching lots of stop motion films. It's something I've always wanted to try (I've tried very simple things thanks to Vine), but never really dove into. Now, after watching "Infinitude," my head is spinning at the possibilities of what you can create with stop motion.

First Underwater Portrait From 1899

As I was perusing Reddit today, I came across this amazing photograph, said to be taken in 1899. The one thing that is both frustrating and beautiful about Reddit is many times, there is no additional information, which means I had to do a little research about the photograph and find out who the photographer was.

The Story Behind The 1948 Photograph 'Dali Atomicus'

In 1948, far before Photoshop was introduced to mankind, there was a painter and photographer dynamic duo that created outlandish portraits. Of course I'm talking about Salvador Dali and Philippe Halsman. Time Magazine recently released this awesome video explaining just how the team was able to get these great shots.

Why You Shouldn't Overlook Sound Production in Your Films

Last week, the team over at RocketJump Film School released this awesome video about sound production in film. Sound production is probably the most overlooked aspect of filmmaking, mainly because you don't notice great sound design; it seamlessly helps you submit to the willing suspension of disbelief. Check out RJFS's experiment to see how much sound actually does affect the audience.

Documentary 'Make' Reminds Us Why Photographers and Videographers Create Art

Sometimes being a "creative" really sucks. But it's also the best thing to be in the entire world. But did I mention it can suck? Well if you feel like you're in a rut, then watch this preview, and prepare to be inspired. Today, Musicbed released their feature-length documentary, "Make," which explores why creatives continue, well, creating.

'The Mystery Slides' Trash Treasure Hunt to Find Photographer

One man's trash is another man's treasure. This statement is proven true in the recent New York Times video. Reporter Deborah Acosta was walking around New York City when she found an odd trail of old Kodak slides. The trail lead to a big bag full of slides, notes, and letters addressed to a woman named Mariana Gosnell. Who threw away these photos? Who was Mariana?

Photographer Steven Sebring's 360 Video 'Liminal' Will Have Your Head Spinning

Ok, the last time I truly attempted skateboarding, I was 14 years old, and I dislocated my right shoulder (still have a beautiful, giant scar). Regardless of my lack of knowledge of the sport, or anyone's for that matter, I think we can all agree that this video of Skater Rodney Mullen shot by photographer extraordinaire Steven Sebring is just cool as hell.

Working with Candlelight in Cinema - True Practical Lighting

Even though technology has come a long way, you have to have some kind of lighting in order to film. Generally, cinematographers bring in giant ARRI lights to help make a scene look realistic, but for the BBC TV series "Wolf Hall," they opted for a more natural approach. Cooke Optics TV sat down with cinematographer Gavin Finney to talk about how he used candlelight as the only source of light during nighttime scenes.

This Is a 'Thinguma' Every Photographer Will Want in Their Camera Bag

Tripod plates. If you're like us at Fstoppers, you have a ton of tripods and a ton of tripod plates, and it's sometimes a struggle finding the correct plate to match the tripod. Give the boys a break; I'm trying to teach them how to organize. Not only is "where's that tripod plate!?" a common outburst in the office, but so is "does anyone have their keys?" Thinguma is a tool made for photographers so we don't have to ruin our car keys to change plates.

Visual Revolutionary Photography Podcast Interviews Fstoppers Co-Founder Lee Morris

If you don't listen to podcasts, you should. The guys over at Visual Revolutionary, a great photography podcast, interviewed our very own Lee Morris recently about how he got his start in the photography business, and also how he and Patrick Hall started Fstoppers. Let's all gather around the digital radio and take a listen.

'Bros on Instagram' Shows You How to Take a Perfect Portrait of the Worst Cup of Coffee

Bro, sick shot! We all know those iPhone photographers (yeah, we are looking at you, Andrew Griswold) who may sometimes take their photoshoots a little too far. The team over at AwesomenessTV perfectly captured what it's like to get a cup of coffee with an Instagram Bro. Please Bro, quit embarrassing us, and just drink your coffee.

Photoshop Contest - Submit Your Most Creative Wedding Photoshops!

Are you a Photoshop expert? Fstoppers is starting a new weekly Photoshop contest for our community! We want you to submit your best photoshopped images in the groups where fellow photographers will vote for their top five favorite images. Of those top five, one lucky winner will be chosen and win their choice of an Fstoppers tutorial. This week we are focusing on your most creative photoshops within wedding photography!