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Fstoppers Reviews the Fujifilm X-T200: All Touchscreen, (Almost) All the Time

The Fujifilm X-T200 looks like it swallowed an iPhone. With a screen size that matches that of a previous-generation iPhone 4, it might as well have. It's this screen that is the camera's most significant selling point, boldly signaling to smartphone users to put down their poor, small-sensor cameras to embrace this instead. It primarily works for its intended audience, with a few caveats.

Gear to Get Your Game Face on for Client Videoconferences

We all live in Zoom right now. With the global pandemic, chances are your client meetings aren’t happening in person anymore. But while your photography gigs may have temporarily dried up, you still have to put your game face on, even if it’s via videoconference. Here’s some gear to help you do that.

'Social Distancing' Isn't Realistic for Photojournalists

Photojournalism is a contact sport. Or at least it used to be, before the coronavirus rolled into town. Despite the health risks with taking photographs of people in close quarters or crowds, photographers at news organizations around the country are still, more or less, on the job.

New Company Aims to Make 360 Mainstream

If the new announcement from Vecnos, a new 360-imaging unit spun out from from Ricoh’s Theta division, is any indication, things could get very interesting for the portable 360 camera market.

Challenge Yourself to Some Self-Portraits

There are times when I've wanted to photograph people, but haven't had any around to flex my photographic skills. That's when I've been able to turn to a subject that's always available and willing to work on my schedule: me.

It's Not Easy Being Brown — and a Photographer

Being a photographer with a “real” camera always carries risk. People well within their rights to photograph in public are harassed online all the time. I’d argue, though, that being a brown person in the United States adds an extra layer of risk that other photographers don’t face, namely fears that you’re a terrorist taking photographs to plan for a future attack.

Store Your Cameras for Efficiency, Not Exhibition

When I’m working with new photographers, something I’ve noticed is how carefully they store their DSLRs by removing the lens, placing caps and covers on everything, and gingerly ensconcing their entire setup into a branded bag. Sometimes they’ll even remove the battery and SD card, too. I can’t remember the last time I’ve stored cameras this way.

Those of Us at the Dawn of Digital Screwed Up a Generation of Photos

Like many 30-somethings, I came of age during a time when photography was transitioning from film to pixels. Entire years of my life were captured with early consumer and professional-grade digital cameras, and now I’m left feeling like that was a big mistake.

A 360 Camera Buyer's Guide for 2020

While some 360 cameras such as the Insta360 One X and GoPro Max 360 have become household names in the budding immersive photo/video market, there are plenty out there to choose from, most though from brands you’ve never heard of. YouTuber Ben Claremont cuts through the noise and takes a look at what some of the best options are in early 2020.

3 Reasons Why I'd Still Buy a DSLR in 2020

While DSLRs seem to be losing ground to mirrorless cameras as the years go on, they are still the go-to tools of many photographers because they are often the best for the job. The recent spate of announcements from Nikon and Canon make it clear: It’s probably the best time ever to buy a DSLR.

Make It a New Year’s Resolution to Introduce Photography to a Loved One

It’s no secret that the photography industry is struggling right now. People are taking more photos than ever, but not on actual cameras. That’s where the photography community can step in and change things by adopting this new year’s resolution: introduce a loved one to photography this year.

PSA: Use Night Sight to Improve Your Photos, Even When It’s Not Night

I’ve always known about Google’s Night Sight mode on Pixel phones as a method to take pictures in near darkness, but it seemed somewhat overkill in daylight. As it turns out, it can actually push your pictures to DSLR-like levels of detail and sharpness if you use it right.

Revisiting Affinity Photo After a Few Years Away: Is It Ready for Prime Time?

I’ve been exploring alternative workflows to Adobe Photoshop ever since the company forced a subscription model on its users several years ago. For all its bugginess and performance problems, I keep coming back to it, because it still spits out the highest quality images for my purposes. But some of the competition is nipping at its heels.

Building a 4K Video Editing PC on a Budget in 2019

In 2019, it’s almost unthinkable not to be shooting 4K video, even if it’s not the final resolution of the video you’re delivering to a client. While I’ve made 4K editing work on something even as lowly as a 2013 Macbook Air, chances are, you’ll want a little more horsepower than that. Here’s a video that has you covered on building your own budget 4K editing PC.

Having a Moment: A Look at Moment's Wide Angle Lenses for the Google Pixel 4

It must have seemed like a gift from the business gods when Google didn't include a wide angle lens on its Pixel 4 series. It meant that third-party phone lens manufacturers such as Moment could sell a boatload of their own take on this specialty lens to new Pixel owners jealous of the iPhone's new third lens.

Check out This Nikon D750 for Under $1,000

It’s Black Friday, and while many times, that means camera companies just printing their regular prices in large, black type and calling it a sale, here’s one that’s a legit screamin’ deal: The Nikon D750 is now on sale for $997.