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Meet Phhhoto: The Lo-Fi Instagram Killer

If you haven't heard of the app Phhhoto you're certainly not alone. Phhhoto is a mobile GIF/cinemagraph/image sequence creating and sharing platform that was released last year on iOS and will be coming to Android in the future. As of this week it now has over a million registered users and is really starting to take the world by storm. I'll admit I didn't really take it seriously myself until I saw Jeremy Cowart post a couple Phhhotos. After having messed around with it for the last week I can honestly say it has me pretty excited. I'm on Phhhoto and here's why you should be too.

Testing the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Against Nikon's f/1.8 Primes

Last year Sigma made history when they released an 18-35mm zoom with a wicked-fast f/1.8 aperture. Up until then, the fastest wide-to-normal zoom you could get for your crop-sensor camera was something in the neighborhood of a 17-55mm f/2.8 (more than a full stop slower than the current offering from Sigma). In this video from The Camera Store TV, the new Sigma glass is tested against Nikon's fabulous f/1.8G wide-angle prime lineup.

Setiquette: A Primer in On-Set Behavior

Whether you're an intern about to work on set for the first time or a production veteran, acting well on set is the easiest way to move up in the world, learn more quickly and be asked back on more shoots. In this primer, we'll cover some simple do's and don'ts that should be able to get anyone through his or her first production.

Yes, 'Fast and Furious 7' Actually Dropped Cars out of a C-130

Remember watching the trailer for "Fast and Furious 7" and chuckling to yourself about how unrealistic, improbable, and over-the-top it was to be air-dropping sports cars from a cargo aircraft thousands of feet above the ground? Me too. Just 24 hours after the release of the trailer, the filmmakers put out this featurette to prove us wrong.

The Slow Mo Guys Shoot Ink in Water at 1000 FPS [4K]

YouTubers The Slow Mo Guys have produced some really fun and lovely footage over the past couple years. Whether they're filming paint on a speaker, a fire breather, or firing a pistol underwater at 27,000 FPS, these guys know how to create some beautiful and beautifully hilarious videos. This time they've shot ink being dropped in water at 1,000 FPS, in luscious 4K, and have ended up with some pretty amazing results.

Affinity Photo: First Impressions and a Call to Action

It's already been a couple weeks since Serif announced the release of the Affinity Photo beta. I, along with literally thousands of others, have downloaded the program and started putting it through its paces, trying to fit it into my own personal workflow. In this little first impressions review I'll focus on Affinity Photo as a raw converter, a basic retouching platform, and put it up against the big dogs: Affinity versus Lightroom, and Affinity versus Photoshop.

Apple's Latest Ad Features Martin Scorsese, Thoughts on Creative Pursuits

For many of us, the weekend is our time to work on personal projects, try new processes, and get creatively refreshed after a week of the 9 to 5. If you're in need of come creative inspiration, Apple's newest iPad Air ad featuring legendary film director Martin Scorsese has got you covered. I highly encourage you to spend a minute checking this one out.

Behind the Scenes with Tyler Shields on His New Project 'Sirens' [NSFW]

Photographer, director, and writer Tyler Shields is known for his world class, oft avant garde, work. We've covered many of his previous over-the-top projects here on Fstoppers, including feeding a $100,000 purse to a crocodile, his Mouthful exhibit, and blowing up his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow — all in the name of art. Shields is at it again with his fine art series Sirens which blends the genres of landscape and nude in a beautifully surrealist way. In this video, Tyler takes you behind the scenes in a look at the creation of some of the Sirens images.

Get Thee to a Goodwill: How Buying a 35mm Point and Shoot Will Change Your Photography

I'm not one prone to hyperbole. I don't easily get caught up in gear hype. However, I can whole-heartedly say that my decision to purchase and shoot with a little army of film point and shoot cameras early last year was easily the best decision I made for both my personal work and my own growth as a photographer. When I say that picking up a $20 camera will change your life and your photographs, I mean it – and other photographers agree!

Talking Street Photography with Travis Jensen [NSFW, Language]

Travis Jensen is easily one of my favorite street photographers. He moved to San Francisco almost 20 years ago with a duffel, a skateboard, and a little cash, and has been beating the pavement ever since. In this video, Jensen talks about street photography, his method of shooting, what makes him tick as a photographer, and gives some advice to people trying to make a go of it themselves.

The Moderator's Guide to Buying Used Gear on Facebook Groups

This month I posted an article asking how you would build a new photo kit from the ground up with only a thousand bucks. The responses were all awesome (if you haven't left one yourself be sure to check it out, I'd love to hear from you), but they had one thing in common: everyone bought used gear. Buying used equipment can be awesome, but unless you're in an area with a nice local camera shop, you're stuck ordering online. While eBay and Amazon were traditionally the go-to sites for picking up used equipment, recently a lot of photographers have turned to buy-and-sell groups on Facebook.

How Would You Build a Thousand Dollar Kit from Scratch?

This week DigitalRev put up a video challenging Kai and Lok to build a decent photo kit from scratch for a thousand bucks. While $1,000 is a decent amount of coin for most people (certainly including myself), it wouldn't put too much of a dent in any pro's photo kit. Just two days ago, posted an article showing off his fleet of awesome Broncolor lighting gear - a $20K setup! While I wouldn't care to start my own (small) kit over from scratch, I think it's a fun little mental experiment. Here's what I've come up with.

Photographer Turns Craftsman: A Review of Trillo and Son's Bespoke Camera Straps

Accomplished Forth Worth, Texas-based wedding photographer, Hiram Trillo recently turned his attention to another craft, namely leather work. His newly-opened company, Trillo and Son, specializes in creating high-quality, pass-it-down-to-your-grandkid, small-batch camera straps designed with the working professional in mind. I had the opportunity to spend the better part of a month with a trio of these straps, a Warhol in cognac, a Bresson in natural leather, and a Capa in oak.

Alaska From Above: Heath Bennett Explores Juneau From a Helicopter

Heath Bennett, half of the Chattanooga, Tenn.-based wedding photography duo Jac and Heath Photography, is an absolutely avid film shooter. Recently he shared some work he shot while visiting friends and family in Alaska, much of which was photographed while flying high above the landscape in a helicopter. He was kind enough to sit down for a brief interview and supply the images to us before jetting off to Australia for his and Jac's next adventure.

Graphic Designer Uses Manfrotto Tripod and Apple Magic Trackpad to Work Hands-Free

Well, now we've seen everything. In this wild video, graphic designer Michelle Vandy shows off her — ahem — unique technique for working without the use of hands. Vandy developed this unusual workflow in order to combat her RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), and with it she is able to take movement of her arms and hands virtually out of the picture. She further credits this method with subtly influencing her design work.

Fashion Photographer Lara Jade Takes On the DigitalRev Cheap Camera Challenge

Long time watchers of DigitalRev on YouTube will be all too familiar with the awesome series Pro 'Tog, Cheap Camera which airs only a couple times a year. For the uninitiated, as the title suggests, in this series world-class professional photographers leave their high-end gear at home and show what they can do with the most basic equipment imaginable. Previous episodes of the series include Alex Ogle, Philip Bloom, Chase Jarvis, Ben Von Wong, and Zack Arias to name a few. The newest installment features rock star fashion photographer, Lara Jade. Take a look!

'The Photos That Took My Freedom' - An Interview with Abe Van Dyke

Abe Van Dyke is a Milwaukee-based freelance photojournalist whose work is submitted to the Demtix Wire, which is owned by Corbis Images. You may recognize Abe's name from his work covering the rioting and demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo. or his photographs documenting the passing away of his mother earlier this year. On Friday, Dec. 19, 2014, Abe was photographing the protests in his hometown of Milwaukee when things went south with law enforcement officials quickly, resulting in the arrest of Abe along with the protestors. Abe was kind enough to make time for a brief interview to share the story behind the photos that took his freedom.