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Nikon Warns of Fake D800E Cameras in Circulation on Online Auction Sites

While I've certainly bought cameras and photo equipment on auction sites like eBay and Amazon in the past (and will continue to do so), Nikon Europe is warning that some sellers may be trying to dupe would-be deal hunters. Apparently, some devious sellers are taking the internals of a D800 and placing them inside the shell of a D800E to sell at a higher price.

Alien Skin Announces All-New Exposure 7

This week, Alien Skin announced version 7 of their wildly successful editing platform, Exposure. Along with a beautiful UI, several new film-stock emulations, new non-destructive tools (including a new straighten tool), new texture overlays (some of which were made by Lara Jade and Parker Pfister) and new file browsing interface, the most exciting addition to Exposure 7 is new comprehensive raw file support. Exposure 7 is available now for $149, existing Exposure 6 users can nab a copy as a free upgrade for people who purchased after June, 2014 or $69 for other Exposure 6 owners.

Behind the Scenes with Mark Seliger and Lenny Kravitz

Mark Seliger is, without a doubt, one of the great photographers of our generation. Seliger's prolific portraiture, out-of-this-world conceptual work, and his dedication to furthering photography has earned him a place in the ranks of master photographers such as W. Eugene Smith, Ralph Gibson, Richard Avedon, and Walker Evans. In this two-part video produced by Profoto, Seliger takes us behind the scenes of a recent shoot with rock icon, Lenny Kravitz.

The Best Instagram App You're Not (Yet) Using

As a relatively recent convert to Instagram, a former outsider-looking-in, there are a few things about the app that I don’t particularly care for or make use of. Like most people I know, I’m not at all tempted to make use of the built-in, over-cooked, HDR-gone-wrong filters. When I do post a photo taken on my phone, it’s been edited in VSCO Cam. I’m also not a huge fan of the user interface in Instagram. It’s a little clunky, oft overwhelming, and features a rather uninspiring design. For a better viewing, browsing, and exploring experience I’ve turned to a seemingly unknown app, Primary.

Why Shoot Instant Film? A Beginner's Guide Featuring Sandy Phimester and Robert Timko

For a while, things looked pretty bleak for the instant-film-loving community. Films that were once mainstays of the film shooter's arsenal (like Fuji FP-3000B) were discontinued and instant camera equipment production slowed to a crawl. Fortunately for us though, like other formats and kinds of film, instant film photography is seeing an unprecedented resurgence (both in niche, hard core film communities and popular culture). This guide is for you, the digital film guy, who's been sitting on the fence and wants to see what all the buzz is about. In this article I teamed up with two of the coolest instant-film-shooting photographers today, Robert Timko and Sandy Phimester.

Film Fans Rejoice: The Logmar Super-8 is an 8mm System for the Modern World

Anyone who shoots film (either stills or motion) knows the frustration of an ever-shrinking pool of available equipment. Finding a quality, tested and working 8mm system can be particularly difficult. Danish father/son company Logmar Camera Solutions, founded in 2009 in Aalborge, DE has the dream of reviving and reinventing the 8mm movie camera. Enter the Logmar Super-8, an 8mm system for the modern world.

Sony E-Mount 16-35mm f/4.0 ZA OSS Lens Now (Finally) Available in the US

After two months of waiting, Sony a7 owners can finally round out the "holy trinity" of pro-zooms with the 16-35 f/4.0. The lens is now available in limited quantities from B&H. The 16-35mm f/4.0 ZA OSS was announced back in September at Photokina and has since generated quite a bit of buzz and excitement from photographers in many different camps including landscape shooters, events and wedding photographers, and people just looking for a wide-to-standard zoom for their a7 system.

Bland Camera Got You Down? Nikon Announces Special Edition Gold Df

It's no secret that I, personally, have some mixed feelings about the Nikon Df. I've written a brief opinion piece here describing my frustration at the Df winning a Red Dot design award, had conversations with many pro photographers on either side of the debate (Fer Juaristi rocks a pair of Df cameras), and even debated on adding one of them to my bag. All previous news and personal opinions aside, I think this is a little silly. As of yesterday, Nikon has announced the limited availability of special edition gold Df camera bodies and kit 50mm lenses in Japan.

How to Start Taking Awesome Senior Portraits with Jeff Cable

San Francisco based photographer, Jeff Cable, is perhaps best known for his work with the US Olympic Committee, photographing the last four Olympic Games though his list of offered services includes Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, nature, sports, and senior portraits. In this video produced by B&H Photo's learning studio Jeff walks you through getting started in the senior portrait game from location scouting and preproduction to shooting and workflow.

VSCO Pack 6 Announced, Now Available

The guys at VSCO - Visual Supply Company - are at it again. Today they released Pack 6 of their wildly succesful Lightroom/ACR/Photoshop-based film emulation presets. They've dubed the set the alternative process collection, which includes films that have been pushed, pulled, and cross-processed stocks.

The Photographer's Guide to a Ten-Minute Passport Photo

If you're anything like me then you feel pretty strongly that your face belongs behind a camera, not in front of it. I absolutely hate getting my picture taken, and I'm never more displeased than when I get my photo IDs made. From garish drug store / post office lighting to a poorly executed smile there's always a reason to dread whipping out my driver's license or ID. While I can't really help you with your DMV escapades, passports are unique in that you can actually provide your own image for the document — something I recently took advantage of and you can too. So here it is, The Photographer's Guide to Taking a Passport Photo You Won't Want to Destroy with Fire. All in 10 minutes or less.

Casey Neistat Reviews His Favorite Video Camera, Google Glass

YouTuber, Casey Neistat is known for his over-the-top viral videos, his sometimes eccentric working and organizational methods, and countless little DIY studio and life hacks. Rather than working with dedicated cine gear or even DSLR kits, Neistat typically uses $100 point-and-shoot cameras for their compactness, accessibility, cost, and their innocuous appearance. For these reasons, it's pretty easy to see why he'd be interested in taking Google Glass for a spin.

How an Elementary School Teacher Took the Most Popular Viral GoPro Photo To Date

Elementary school teacher turned shark tour intern, Amanda Brewer, recently took a photo of a great white shark emerging from the depths with her GoPro. After sharing the image with GoPro on Instagram and it being published as their Photo of the Day, the image has received international press coverage, amassed over 360K likes, and already been commissioned for a billboard near the port at which it was taken. In this interview with Jared Polin, of Fro Knows Photo, Amanda tells the story of how the photo was taken and, in Jared's words, "What to do when your photo goes viral, real bleeping viral."

Dan Saelinger on the Importance and Rewards of Personal Projects

Dan Saelinger is a Portland, OR based conceptual photographer with a signature, meticulously clean and refined, style with a flare for simple, graphic-based images. Dan's work has appeared in Newsweek, IEEE, Popular Science, Field & Stream, and Reader's Digest, his advertising portfolio includes work for SKYY Vodka, Nike, and Google. In this interview Dan takes us back to his time as an undergrad photography student, his journey through his MFA, his career in high-end conceptual photography, and the role personal work has played through out it all.

Faded + Blurred to Close at the End of the Year

Yesterday, Jeffery Saddoris, co-author and curator of the photography inspiration site Faded + Blurred announced that they will post their last article this Friday, September 26th, 2014. Faded + Blurred has been in operation since 2009 and since then has published over 1,000 beautiful, inspiring articles and really pushed the industry in new and exciting directions. In the podcast On Taking Pictures which is co-hosed by Saddoris he explains the decision to step away from F+B coming as a result of the need to engage a larger, non-niche (strictly photographic), audience.