Comparing the New Microsoft Surface With Apple’s M3: What You Need to Know

The Qualcomm Snapdragon X+ and X Elite inside Microsoft Surface devices are the talk of the industry right now. Can they keep up with Apple's Silicon? This video takes a look.

Coming to you from Art Suwansang of Art Is Right, this informative video explores Microsoft's new Surface devices and the Qualcomm chips inside. Suwansang discusses the specifics of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X+ and X Elite, having tested the Surface Pro with a Snapdragon X+ and the Surface Laptop 15 with a Snapdragon X Elite, revealing various performance aspects. Notably, the Surface devices have active cooling fans, unlike the fanless MacBook Air M3, making a direct comparison challenging. However, comparing these devices helps illuminate the efficiency and performance differences between the two platforms.

Testing under high-performance settings showed significant performance boosts. For instance, using only the CPU on these devices yielded better export times in Lightroom Classic than using the GPU, suggesting that GPU optimization might not be fully realized yet. Suwansang also compared these machines to Apple’s, noting that while the Qualcomm processors showed promise, they still lagged behind in some areas.

One of the video’s key takeaways is that these Surface devices are well-suited for general tasks and basic creative work. However, for heavy pro workflows, particularly those involving intensive multitasking, the performance may not yet match that of Apple’s M3 machines. He advises potential buyers to consider their specific needs and possibly opt for the Elite model for better performance. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Suwansang.

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