I Can’t Wait for This Photography Simulator Video Game to Be Released

Photographers and gamers, would you play a wildlife photography simulator? At first glance, it seems cheesy, but when I watched the trailer for Photography Simulator, it actually looks fun and engaging. I researched the game to learn more about it and share why you might enjoy this game too.

Photography Simulator was developed by Madnetic Games and is being published with PlayWay S.A. on Steam for PC. In the game, you play as a professional wildlife and nature photographer. This is literally my actual job in a game, so my ears perked up right away. An open world map allows the player to wander through and teleport to various areas to capture images of the landscapes and wildlife that they encounter. The trailer even highlights the cool ability to switch from a traditional camera to a camera trap or even a drone to capture a bird’s eye view of the scenery. In one scene, the player switches to a drone to capture footage of a flock of mallard ducks flying over marshlands.

One aspect of the game that I find interesting is that in true sim form, the game has realistic player objectives and tasks. A few notable tasks are the ability to track wildlife by looking for tracks and scat and then to post the resulting photos to social media or even sell them as stock. The player even has a pretty sweet photo studio as a home base, fully stocked with gear and accessories.

While this game interested me as an actual professional wildlife and nature photographer, I think that it would appeal to many different genre photographers or even just gamers in general. The popularity of realistic open-world exploration, hunting and gathering-style games has exploded especially with the pandemic. On their Steam forums, the Madnetic Games Devs posted that Photography Simulator “will have a storyline and photo commissions going along. You'll be developing your photography career there. But obviously, there's always option just to free-roam out there.” It just looks like good wholesome fun either playing as a pro photographer, digitally practicing settings and learning, or just exploring a beautiful digital landscape full of wildlife.

As a PC gamer myself, the trailer for Photography Simulator pretty much sold me. The graphics are high quality, the tasks realistic and fun beyond just snapping photos, and the gameplay is more in-depth. So, all that is left is wondering when the release date is, right? Well, like many games, the developers are teasing us with no release date listed yet on the Steam page. I dug a bit into the Steam forums and found the Madnetic Games “Ask the Devs” post and saw like-minded folks all wondering when Photography Simulator is coming out. The Devs reply on September 13th, 2021 was, “at the moment, we cannot say how long it can take the final product.” Apparently, they are working on another game, WW2 Rebuilder, first, the audacity.

For now, you can add Photography Simulator to your Steam wish list to be notified of its release. I know this is one title that I am looking forward to adding to my game library.

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Kate is an award winning travel and nature photographer, educator and writer. She was classically trained on black and white photography in the dark room while she earned her BFA in Fine Art and Design. When she is not working on assignment, Kate teaches photography workshops to share her love and knowledge of wild life and wild places.

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Or you know, play the game for real and get out into the world! I tease, I tease...

It's an interesting idea, and why not, farm simulator, truck driving simulator, or PC building simulators anyone? There are already "video game photographers"; some games are gorgeous and have incredible vistas. I'd really discourage chasing birds in flight with a drone though. I'd play this over a hunting simulator for sure.

Haha, true, true. :)

Doesn't look that way to me... Pokemon Snap was aimed at the very young, this looks pretty comprehensive IMO.

Infintely so, just as real sex is more exciting than porn. By your rationale, is porn targeted to the very young too?

Much like most of your childish comments.

Looks like something targeting millennials and those not wanting to experience in person the real world.

Yeah, like those people that spend their time leaving comments on photography website articles instead of just talking to real people... oh no WE'RE THE PROBLEM :D

Or maybe people who for whatever reason (age, disability, etc.) don't have an easy way to access these types of areas

Exactly... I ive in London, a castle to me is nothing special, I'd barely even turn my head for a second look. But being in a desert would be amazing. I don't think I've ever experienced an open view for as far as I can see. I'm sure there are people in Arizona who would be just as blown away to see a real castle.

This game seems like a quick and very cheap 'alternative' to spending thousands on gear and travel.

I live in California and I'd live and shoot in a castle if I could. :D

Good point!

I couldn't hear this comment over my avocado toast :(

In the news

Looks great, but isn’t walking round with a massive gun shooting zombies etc much more fun?

They could always add some DLC, then you can try to craft artistic scenic photos WHILE shooting zombie hoards with a massive gun :)

I was going to say something about hunting gear snobs with a sniper rifle but lets not go there lol.

This is actually a science fiction game - the player earns $2414 for stock photos!

I love photo modes in video games but not sure I want a photography video game. Then again I'll play a racing game or sports games but no desire to actually do those things. This might be for someone.

Don't know about most of you bashing this, but I don't have time to stalk and photograph wildlife at night after work when I'd like to sit down and relax. Wildlife is my favorite type of photography, but it's done on my days off when the weathers nice so I can enjoy it, video games are for when I feel like relaxing or the weather sucks.

Well this seems a LOT more relaxing than the average first person shooter. I essentially stopped playing games online because it's more stressful than enjoyable these days lol.

I'll have to check this out and give it a try if they ever make it for Apple computers and not just PCs. Sounds fun!