Incredible Hand-Held 30 Second Exposures With an iPhone App

Glyn Dewis looks at a new app that can reduce camera shake and allow you to shoot incredible landscapes and long exposures on your iPhone without a tripod. From the creators of ReeXpose comes Reeheld. It apparently uses AI stabilization (something we are all very aware of at the moment) to create stunning handheld images.

This is ideal for when you don't have your camera kit with you. Missing your tripod? Don't worry using this app can give you up to 30 seconds of exposure blending the correct parts together. Now I'm not a landscape photographer as such but there are times when I'm out and about and like to take pictures but just don't have my camera with me. This could be the answer. Other apps that Dewis includes in his video are Spectre which has been around for a long time but has just not been updated in quite a while.

Mobile technology and AI have been advancing in great strides lately and using this app could mean the end of having to carry a tripod and a DSLR when out and about photographing long exposures, although how it would fayre taking photos of the night sky and constellations one can only guess as the maximum amount of exposure time is 30 seconds.

Images used with permission of Glyn Dewis

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Peter Morgan is a professional photographer, drone pilot, writer and tech enthusiast. He has worked in the tech sector since the age of 16 and has over 30 years experience of working with technology. He also runs his own photographic company and shoots weddings, headshots and commercial projects.

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I downloaded this app, it sucks. got to add another app to make it complete. Does not steady the camera, photo quality if awful, hoping I can get a refund ASAP, Glen you missed it. Just checked apple account , double charged me. Trying to get a refund. Misleading and I will give Glen the benefit of the doubt. But this is a real bad deal. be warned

Sorry to hear that. I had no plan to download it myself, it's obviously loaded with AI ad nauseam. When he said I have no idea how they do it the second time, I was like well that sound like a disclaimer which to me mean that my rating for this guy dropped all a sudden.

thank you