A Long-term Review of the M2 MacBook Air

Apple's MacBook Air line features some of the most popular computers in the world, and since the move to the company's own silicon, they have become legitimate tools for creative professionals, able to tackle demanding tasks formerly left for larger and more expensive options. The new M2 model has now been on the market for about five months, giving creatives a good chunk of time with the device, and this excellent video review discusses one such user's experience with the computer in that time.

Coming to you from 9 to 5 Mac, this great video review takes a long-term look at the new M2 MacBook Air. I was a huge fan of the computer in my initial review, and that sentiment remains four months later. The computer tackles anything demanding task I throw at it with ease (and completely silently), but the real boon for me has been the insane battery life. For example, today, I used it to teach a two-hour class and followed that with a five-hour meeting, and I left for home with 64% battery. Add in the larger, vibrant display, fast-charging, a great keyboard and trackpad, and an attractive and highly portable design, and I have no complaints and will happily recommend it to anyone who asks. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Jacques Cornell's picture

I remain quite delighted with my entry-level $999 M1 MBA (8GB/256GB). I've digiteched a 5-day studio portrait shoot with LRC on it - importing, culling, batch adjusting, and cranking out JPEG drafts - and it performed like a champ. Generating 1:1 previews and exporting thousands of JPEGs coulda been faster, but I'd probably say that about ANY laptop. It also processes DxO's DeepPRIME noise reduction faster than my previous $5000 custom-upgraded high-end cylinder Mac Pro. For a high-volume event/wedding shooter like me, who relies on DxO for noise reduction, it's an amazing bargain. So is the M1 Mac mini.

Zdenek Malich's picture

Long term after 6 months 🤣 right