This Bogner "Ski Surfing" Ad Seems Impossible

When it comes to creating great advertising campaigns, photographers should take a page out of the sports apparel company Bogner's book:  capture something never seen before in the most beautiful way possible.  Bogner teamed up with elite downhill snow skier Chuck Patterson for an idea that simply seems impossible yet breathtaking.  

With his zebra themed water suit, water poles, helmet, bindings, and two hybrid snow water skis, Chuck launches himself down Maui's iconic massive wave Jaws.  The footage is so awesome I have already watched this half a dozen times.  

Now that we know this is completely possible, the question remains "Is this a new sport or just a fun video of a daredevil tackling one of the world's biggest waves?"

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This is so awesome and his outfit makes it even better.

Kristjan Järv's picture

What is he using the sticks for? He can't gain momentum with them... Yet he is still trying to do that.

Scott Hussey's picture

Totally Photoshopped.

Christian Berens's picture

lol it's probably just for fun, but damn, looks like a great time. I think it's hilarious he wore a full on skiing getup

Savi You's picture

How the heck did he can he catch a wave? I would imagine it's impossible to paddle in skies like that.

Why not? I've used two skis on water, but the water didn't have surf waves and instead of using ski poles, I used a ski rope. That's an incredible video.
PS: I've finally been able to drop one; but getting up on one, I haven't mastered that.

Michael John's picture

This a photo shop video. One cannot do this type of water skiing so easily . But yes if your professional water skiers then it might be possible. Check this for beautiful water skiing location in France at .