The Essentials You Need To Start a Photography YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is something you might consider whether you take photographs for profit or fun. A successful channel can offer benefits in the form of payments for viewership and sponsorship opportunities. A less successful channel can help a photographer build an audience and create a community in which to share their passion for photography.

Perhaps the most important element in starting a YouTube channel is having the belief that you have something to offer an audience. In her latest video, photographer Laura BC acknowledges that her channel doesn’t have the large following of someone like Peter McKinnon. She doesn’t have his lifestyle and is incapable of providing what McKinnon offers to his audience. This isn’t a problem because Laura isn’t trying to be anyone else. She understands the value of offering her perspective on subjects such as self-portrait photography, making money through stock photography, and filming travel blogs. In this manner, she can be authentic to her purpose as a photograph

Even a beginner has something to offer on YouTube. To get started first consider what you can offer others. What experience do you have that no one else does? “Record the behind-the-scenes of your process. (Show) how you are improving and how you are experimenting,” Laura advises. There will be others that relate to you who will enjoy following you on your journey. Check the video for suggestions regarding cameras, tripods, microphones, and software you will need to start a YouTube channel. If you already have a channel, post a link in the comments below, and perhaps one of your videos will be featured here on Fstoppers in the future.

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John Ricard is a NYC based portrait photographer. You can find more of Ricard’s work on his Instagram. accounts, and

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If you want to create a successful YouTube channel, make it about camera gear. People flock to channels about camera gear.

Laura has some great content when it comes to the hustle of starting a photography business. For hobbyists earning a little on the side, needing that extra push to take it to a new level, it's inspiring content we don't often see enough of.