Format Releases a New Tool That Enables Direct Video Hosting

Format Releases a New Tool That Enables Direct Video Hosting

Website building platform, Format, has added a new video hosting tool that will appeal to creators who want to showcase their videos and films in the best possible light.

Just recently, we wrote about Format's new major update where website users saw Worfklow added to the platform. This integration allows users to showcase and deliver secure photo galleries to clients using the photographer's website branding, send file transfers, and create a clients' contacts list. Now, Format has announced a new feature that will be favored by video content creators, especially those who don't want to use third-party video hosting platforms, such as Vimeo or YouTube.

The new video hosting functionality allows Format users to showcase their videos on the website, without having to rely on using another third-party video hosting platform. This means that users can upload their films and videos straight from their devices. The third-party embed option is also still available if you still prefer to point your website visitors towards an already existing video hosted elsewhere.

By using Format hosting, users retain a high degree of control and can fully customize the look of their videos, such as not having a third-party branding, preserving the aspect ratio, adjusting colors, and more. When embedding a video from Vimeo or YouTube, the third-party branding will be present.

This gives photographers and videographers the ability to further elevate their current branding by customizing videos to suit it. However, it should be pointed out that this is a website presentation tool and does not act as a downloadable asset for clients. 

In regards to file limits, a site-wide 300mb cap applies to all users, regardless of which subscription tier is selected. Pro payment plan allows 15 minutes of video, with higher-priced Pro Plus and Premium offering 30 and 120 minutes of video, respectively. If you want to see all the different payment plans available, you can visit Format pricing page.

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Baffled (it is late on a Saturday evening here)
- "showcase"
- 300mb limit
- 4K footage per minute is how many megabytes (in region of 250MB upwards)?!
Does not compute.

i use and it does not have these ridiculous video restrictions. 300mb limit lol.