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edelkrone Announces the JibONE v2: 'The World's Smartest & Most Portable Jib'

edelkrone had announced its new portable jib the JibONE v2. The original edelkrone JibONE proved to be an excellent tool for creating interesting and creative shots. With the motorized features that edelkrone has become famous for, the JibONE offered an incredibly capable yet portable motorized jib. The new JibONE v2 takes this further with some important updates. 

The edelkrone JibONE v2 is a compact and portable motorized jib. At only 24 inches (61 cm) long, the JibONE v2 can comfortably fit into the edelkrone backpack for easy transporting. The JibONE v2 is a smart motion device because you can either control it by hand or via the iOS and Android apps. The remote features in the app mean that the JibONE v2 can be used for high-end productions while also being perfect for run-and-gun creatives. 

The JibONE v2 retains all the features that were contained in the original version: the fast and easy setup, silent and smooth motions, and super-easy time-lapse and stop-motion options. What the JibONE v2 does is improve on its predecessor, predominantly with the help from customer feedback. 

The latest improvements include a physical power button, a high-contrast OLED screen for information and instant feedback, improved wireless connection, longer range, better power management features, and the ability to work with a link port for fully wired operation. Other improvements have been aimed at the JibONE v2's durability and over strength. Despite the fact that the maximum recommended payload remains unchanged, edelkrone has improved the durability of the headplate. 

Additionally, the edelkrone JibONE v2 is fully compatible with a range of other motion devices from edelkrone. These include the HeadOne, the HeadPLUS v2, the Vision Module, and the Pan Pro. Combining these with edelkrone unlocks advanced features allowing you far more creative means. 

Key Features

  • Smooth, silent, and smart motorized jib.
  • Fast setup with no assembly or tools required.
  • Mounts on a tripod and offers 1.64 ft (50 cm) camera travel.
  • Retracts to 24 in (61 cm) for easy transport, fits in edelkrone backpack.
  • 11 lbs (5 kg) carrying capacity (including the weight of the camera and tripod head).
  • Keeps the camera level while moving vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.
  • Auto power off and power-saving modes for better power management.
  • High-contrast, sharp OLED screen for instant feedback.
  • Smartphone controlled via Bluetooth.
  • Can be controlled with edelkrone controller.
  • Works with edelkrone Link Adapter to control on a PC or edelkrone SDK.
  • Can be easily programmed for motion time-lapses.
  • Perfect edelkrone ecosystem integration.
  • Works with Vision Module for automated face and object tracking.
  • Pan PRO and HeadPLUS add even more advanced features.
  • Includes four counterweights to help find the perfect balance.

Then edelkrone JibONE v2 is available to purchase from the edelkrone online store for $1,299. edelkrone is offering JibONE v2 at a discounted introductory price of $999 until May 1, 2022. Buy now here.

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1 Comment

Buyer BEWARE….edelkrone products are notoriously over priced and (for me) constantly come up short figuratively and literally. I don’t use jibs much but when I have had to use them….a 3ft jib was way to short ….a 24” jib doesn’t provide you any different motion than a gimbal and some good technique. Honestly with some ibis systems you can even get the shot handheld now. The main thing about the edelkrone system besides price that sucks is the reliance on the app. But they now will sell you. $100 BT contoller. That coupled with the fact that you get only machine movement and can’t move by hand if needed (to like reset the camera quickly) you end wasting a lot of time on set waiting for the app and the automations. Combined with a HUGE price tag you are better off looking elsewhere.